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8 Best Tablets For Coding That Any Programmer Want

Looking for some of the best tablets for coding? Look no further because this article has it all covered. I’m guessing that if you are a programmer or gamer looking for the best tablet for programming, then you are in the right place.

In today’s article, I will review some of the programming tablet on the market that is ideal for programming, coding, gaming, and even browsing.

Generating programs is something we can’t do on our own. Thinking, conducting extensive research on the data, and having incredibly powerful capabilities are required for this. Consequently, a programmer is under constant pressure to deliver high-level capabilities.

best tablet for coding

Tablets provide you with the ability to move about freely without being restricted by PCs and laptops. Moreover, they possess similar features. My list of tablets includes tablets that have keyboards that can be detached as and when you need them.

Sometimes, you can remove your tablet from your backpack and start working. It is possible to come up with a code or program while walking in your park. There are also times when your mind starts working when you are sitting in a coffee shop.

Apart from being portable, the tablet can also serve a variety of purposes for programmers and gamers.

If you ask me, in terms of performance, the tablets are almost on par with PCs and laptops. They are similar in terms of performance and specifications, as well as having a keyboard that allows smooth typing.

This list of some of the best tablets for coding has been compiled by me just for you, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

With top-notch features, these devices can help you master programming and coding in a new way. It is certainly something you don’t want to miss out on because of the convenience it offers.

But right before getting directly into the world of different tablets, it is important to mention some of the key features that you should keep in mind while purchasing the perfect coding tablet for yourself.

What Factors You Should Consider While Buying A Tablet?

Below are a few factors I recommend you should consider when choosing the best tablet.

1. Display: This aspect is vital for any task, since it allows you to see what you are designing, coding, or even browsing. It is recommended that you have a monitor between 10-12 inches. It is vital that the tablet’s image quality is superb since it can be used for programming, designing, browsing, and reading.

2. Portable:– The device needs to be portable because the main reason you are switching from a PC or laptop to a tablet is portability. These days, almost all tablets are lightweight and portable as well.

3. Memory & storage space:- There should be adequate RAM and storage space on the device. This will ensure that they are powerful and that your programming abilities are exceeded. Working quickly and without lag is important.

4. Keyboard:- It is the most important feature when it comes to tablets, as most of them do not come with keyboards apart from one or two. So, check if the tablet comes with a keyboard or if you can purchase a separate keyboard so that you are able to code on it.

5. Price:- There is no tablet that costs more than $1500 which is good for programming. It is certain that we have mentioned Apple’s iPad Pro and Air, but there are also other models you can choose from. We have also provided you with budget models.

Now, you have an idea of what to and what not to consider when purchasing a tablet for coding. So without any further delays let’s look at the tablet options that are worth your attention.

My Top Picks For Best Tablets For Coding:-

Below are some of the best tablets for coding and programming. In addition to gaming, reading, browsing, and so on, you can also use them for other purposes.

1. Apple 11-inch iPad Pro

On my list of products for 2021 is the 11-inch Apple iPad Pro. You are provided with a screen of 11 inches that offers eloquent image quality. It is due to its liquid retina that it can perform this. Other features include True Tone and P3 wide color.

The interface is pretty straightforward in my opinion. Using the multitouch monitor, you can accomplish anything you want. With the device, I could run apps including programming languages, MS Office, Photoshop, and top-end games during my usage.

ipad pro 11

Portable and equipped with Wi-Fi, this device can be used anywhere. Depending on my needs, I could use it as a notepad, film studio, scanner, canvas, etc.

If you want to know more then you can read our personal user’s review on iPad pro.

The device comes with the Apple M1 chip, which gives it next-level performance, and it comes with the TrueDepth camera system and a decent front-facing camera.

In addition to the 10MP ultra-wide camera, there is a 12MP wide camera. This allows the camera to work flawlessly. Connectivity is not an issue since it comes with a range of options, including displays, external storage, and docks.

By doing so, I could use my device during meetings, conferences, seminars, and the like. Also, there is a particular security feature, Face ID. Other than me, nobody else was able to log into my system.

However, if you wanted to find out some other tablets that are best for college and office uses, you can also select one or some of them from our article about the same.

Apple’s secure payment method is Apple Pay, which I have used with my device. In addition to the four speakers and five microphones, this tablet offers top-notch sound quality. I was provided with adequate support from the Apple Pencil (2nd generation).

Also, I used the Smart Keyboard Folio & Magic Keyboard to work. I want to report that this is the best iPad I have used in a long time. This device is powered by the M1 chip, which performs admirably. There’s an adequate 120Hz refresh rate and I am satisfied with the front camera.

Hardware Specifications of Apple iPad Pro 11″
Processor Octa-core 4×2.5 GHz Vortex
Storage 256 GB
Display 11-inch Retina display with 1668 x 2388 Resolution
Camera Rear- 12+10 MP | Front- 7 MP
Operating System iOS 12
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 1.04 lbs
  • Trackpad Support.
  • Gorgeous Display.
  • Faster Chipset.
  • Better Cameras.
  • LiDAR Scanner.
  • Costly.
  • Processor Is Not A Major Upgrade.


It is not worth upgrading if you have the iPad Pro 2020 model, according to me. As such, it does not have a liquid retina XDR display like the 12.9′′ tablets. However, when you note the performance of the M1 chip, then you should use it. Priced at less than $1482, it is an excellent deal.

It does not pose a problem when you want to work on a larger screen. Another iPad Pro with a display of 12.9 inches is also available. However, this model sells for a higher price than the iPad Pro. Both models share nearly the same specifications & features.


2. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7

Among the best tablets for programmers, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11-inch Android Tablet stands out. I accidentally got my laptop pushed off the bed by mistake. During this time, I realized that I needed a smaller device to help myself with programming tasks.

I could make use of the DeX mode if I wanted to work on the PC. Both the tablet keyboard and expanded trackpad could be used.

samsung galaxy tab s7

But remember, you must purchase the keyboard separately and it is plastic. It features an 11″ monitor that provides you with a full-screen display. Additionally, it has an LCD monitor and Dolby Atmos capabilities. Having a stylus pen with this device was one of the main reasons for us to include it on my list.

There is a 9ms pen latency enhancement that makes it easier for you to control your presentation. With Wi-Fi connectivity and a Bluetooth controller, the unit is perfect for gamers as well.

Battery life is decent at 15 hours, and the device charges pretty quickly. A USB-C port is available for charging. This camera features a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera to provide you with superb clarity.

128GB of storage lets you seamlessly store work files and documents. You can upgrade to 1TB of memory if you wish. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Among the reasons for purchasing the device is its smooth design, in my opinion. My favorite color is bronze and I like the elegant feel. The pen is also extremely useful for my programming work.

Hardware Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Processor Octa Core (3.09+2.4+1.8GHz)
Storage 128 GB
Display 11″ Inch Retina display with 2560 x 1600
Camera Rear- 13MP | Front- 8MP
Operating System Android 10
Battery Life 12 hours
Weight 1.1 lbs
  • Powerful Processor
  • DeX mode
  • Storage space
  • Updated S pen stylus.
  • Keyboard need to buy seperately
  • Small keys


It could be one of the best tablets for coding if it was a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11-inch Android Tablet. It is lightweight and comes with many features. If you would like to replace the iPad Pro or Air with this model, it could be the best alternative. The keyboard & the stylus pen, however, need improvement.

If you wanted more facts about SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7, you can also check out our expert-given review on it in a comprehensive way.


3. Google Pixelbook

Next, I’ll show you the Google Pixelbook. As it is more of a Chromebook, this tablet offers good performance. Google Assistant is infused into each device for the first time, and you will be pleased to know that.

By pressing the Google Assistant key and saying “OK Google”, you can begin. In addition to a phenomenal Intel Core 7th gen i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and almost 128GB of storage space, this laptop is fully loaded with eloquent features.

google pixelbook

A full charge takes less than two hours and the battery lasts more than 11 hours. It is one of the best models for programmers because they will be able to use it as a tablet, laptop, tent, and even in other modes if they choose.

Apart from programming, coders like you can use the tablet for many other things. As an option, you can use Google apps like light painting, browsing your emails, and viewing your documents.

The device weighs 2.4 pounds and comes with a monitor that can be rotated 360 degrees.

You can also use the backlit keyboard at night to work peacefully. This model boots up very quickly, taking 6 seconds. The maker has updated the software on it automatically.

Despite my preference for iOS, I was surprised at the device’s performance. I am primarily a programmer who reads, browses, and watches videos on the device. In spite of this, I have been extremely satisfied with the tablet’s functionality and think that it is far superior to the MacBook.

If you still wanted to find another tablet that is good for reading, you can consider one of them which are mentioned in our article which is about best tablets for reading.

Priced below $651, it is an excellent value. The price point makes it quite affordable, so it can be used for various activities such as programming, designing, and gaming. Programmers and gamers are most likely to find it helpful.

Overall I think that you do not need to be a Google fan to get your hands on the Google Pixelbook. This tablet is for programming features & specifications that are unmatched. Even the battery life, processor, and functionality are quite good.


4. Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen)

microsoft surface pro (5th gen)

Surface Pro (5th Gen) is an excellent product from Microsoft. It is immediately apparent that this is a high-end device. You won’t be surprised to find the best tablet for programming in the hands of most programmers worldwide.

This device has outstanding connectivity because it includes a powerful WiFi chip. The Surface Pro is a decent device for work, studying, and playing games. In addition to programmers, many other users can benefit from it as well.

Work can be done on most of the Windows operating systems that have been released to date, such as Windows 8.1, 7, XP, and 10. The keyboard’s design is one of the best on the market, providing excellent writing performance.

It becomes easier for you to type. Most of the units sold on the market don’t have keyboards. On the device, you have an Intel Core i5 processor that provides sufficient power to handle multiple tasks efficiently.

Devices on this list come with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. The model provides you with Windows experience and offers you an incredible ability to work. In addition, the Surface Dial and Office, as well as the Surface Pen, can be utilized, as well as the 3D creation tools.

Tablet, laptop, and studio modes are all available for you to use. As well as programmers and coders, designers, and video creators can utilize the studio mode. It has 14-hour battery life.

There is a weight of 1.7 pounds in the model. That means you can carry it in your backpack and move around easily. You won’t even be able to tell it’s there. You’ll pay less than $700 for it. It has impressive capabilities at a reasonable price.

Hardware Specifications of Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Gen
Processor Intel Core i5
Storage 128 GB, 256 GB
Display 12.3” PixelSense Display
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life 13.5 hours
Weight 1.69 lbs
  • Fast Performance.
  • Excellent Battery.
  • Bright and colorful display.
  • Thin keyboard.
  • Pen support.
  • No C-type USB.
  • 256GB SSD is bit sluggish.
  • Pen and Keyboard sold seperately.

For programmers, the Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen) is 0ne of the best tablets for coding.

Other tasks can be performed with it, such as browsing, reading, and typing. If you’re thinking about buying the unit, Apple fans can consider using it even though it leans too heavily on Windows tools and apps.


5. 2020 Apple iPad Air

Next, I’ll talk about the 2020 Apple iPad Air. Doesn’t the iPad have something special about it? No one can be surprised that programmers, gamers, and users prefer the iPad for both professional and personal use.

Except that it performs a bit worse than the Pro, the iPad Air is nearly as fast as the Pro. Nonetheless, there are some really great features and specifications with it. Besides being relatively lightweight, it is also durable. Furthermore, the Pro comes for a much lower price.

2020 apple ipad air

The computer comes with a big monitor, powerful sound effects, and an excellent processor. It also comes with an excellent pencil. They come with an A14 chip, making them relatively faster than Android devices.

It won’t take you long to get through programming and designing tasks. Coders and programmers like the speed and power of the device, which makes it extremely attractive. Storage space and RAM can be upgraded as needed.

It comes with a 10.9-inch monitor with breathtaking image quality. Pictures taken by the device are almost on par with those taken by the Pro. Additionally, they are laminated and have an anti-reflective coating that provides a wide color gamut.

You can use the Apple keyboard that includes a magic keyboard or another keyboard of your choice. Apple keyboards are clearly superior. The cameras are decent and can handle most situations.

Unfortunately, the battery only lasts for five hours. I feel this is a big disappointment. In any case, the device is simply stunning, and any programmer would have a lot of fun working with it. The price is less than $870, which can be rather expensive.

With a robust specification, processor, and storage space, the 2020 Apple iPad Air is the best tablet for programming. Because of the keyboard, camera, and image clarity, you would love it, however, I felt the battery life is relatively short from my daily usage.


6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

samsung galaxy tab a7

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is the best tablet for programming. If you’re in need of a cheap device for your programming or reading needs, then I can guarantee you this could be your best option.

The 10.4″ display of this model allowed me to view eloquent pictures. It comes with a metal body that is just 7mm thick and weighs one pound. I was able to travel with this tablet wherever I went.

Dolby Atmos surround sound is infused with the quad-speaker system. The audio quality is stellar in my opinion. This tablet has a good battery life and can be charged quickly through its USB-C port. Multi-tasking is easy with this device.

This device has a powerful processor and memory, which let me stream, read, browse, and do a wide range of other things. With an internal storage capacity of 32GB and a microSD card of 1TB, it can hold a lot of information.

Hardware Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
Processor Exynos 9611
Storage 32/64 GB
Display 10.4″ Inch Retina display with 2000 x 1200
Camera Rear- 8MP
Operating System Android Q
Battery Life 15 hours
Weight 1.04 lbs
  • Vibrant, colorful display.
  • Great-sounding speakers.
  • Reliable battery life.
  • Build quality.
  • Limited RAM.
  • Camera quality.

Priced under $250, it is one of the best tablets for coding. A device like this is extremely affordable, making it an ideal choice for people seeking an inexpensive option. Maybe you are a student planning to become a programmer, or you are just starting your career.

If you still want to more about this device, you check out its comprehensive review in another article.

For your coding needs, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a decent device. Nevertheless, it may not have all of the specifications found on top-end models, like no fingerprint reader. It’s good enough to teach beginners programming language basics.


7. Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

I just mentioned the Lenovo Tab A7 above as a tablet that has similar pricing to the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab. Devices like this are most suitable for programmers who are looking for cheap and low-priced devices.

Although it is loaded with decent features, it weighs only 1.7 pounds which makes it lightweight.

lenovo yoga smart tab

The screen on the device measures 10.1 inches and provides good image quality. The unit has received positive feedback from users regarding its ergonomics. A 2GHz Snapdragon processor gives this device exceptional performance.

Keeping your files safe and secure is made easier with the storage space of 64GB. This tablet has 10-hour battery life. You should be able to get by for a day before you need to recharge your device.

Over the past few months, I have been using a cheap tablet. Accordingly, I decided to buy this unit to test it out. As far as the performance and features are concerned, I am very pleased with it.

Its image quality and audio quality are excellent. As far as my programming needs are concerned, I feel that the device is relatively responsive and quick. As well as browsing and reading, I do some video browsing. The quality of the camera was also satisfactory for my needs.

The only downside to this is that the device came with Android 9, so it might be wise to update to Android 10.1. The price is about $198. The product comes with a 5-year warranty, which you will be delighted to learn.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is a terrific tablet with all the features you could ever want. The tablet’s specifications, processor, and storage capacity are outstanding. Moreover, the battery life is phenomenal, and the price point is relatively low at only $200. For programming, this is the best tablet by far.


8. ASUS Chromebook Flip

asus chromebook flip

It is the best tablet for programming to have an ASUS Chromebook Flip. I can say that because it is from the makers of Asus, but also because it has some very impressive features. The 14-inch touchscreen is a NanoEdge display that offers four-way navigation.

The bezel measures just 5 mm in width, and the resolution is 1920×1080. Additionally, the size will appeal to programmers looking for a small, portable laptop.

You will be surprised to learn that the 360-degree hinge enables easy rotation of the device.

The tablet can be used as a tablet, stand, tent, and laptop, depending on your needs. The unit is equipped with a powerful Intel Core m3-8100Y processor.

You could work with up to 40 tabs open at the same time if you are someone who likes to multitask like that. As the keyboard is backlit, it shouldn’t be difficult to type. Furthermore, the connectivity options on it are excellent.

It features a durable aluminum body while providing a sleek look. The device has 10-hour battery life. The device weighs only 2.9 pounds, making it suitable for travel.

Perhaps you are a programmer or a gamer looking for a portable device to keep in your backpack. You can get this for less than $580. In addition to the reasonable price, this is a product that has a lot of features and is associated with a well-known brand.

Any programmer would benefit greatly from ASUS Chromebook Flip as it is known to be one of the best tablets for coding. Its specifications are very impressive. In addition to a powerful processor and decent specifications, the unit is portable and affordable.

It is time that I will answer some of the questions that some of you will have in your minds regarding tablets for coding.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes a tablet suitable for programming?

You can use a tablet for programming, programming, video editing, content creation, and many other things. You have to consider what you are going to do with it. It can be extremely difficult for programmers to travel to the client’s region for a meeting when using laptops.

The tablet comes in handy in these situations. It might be a good idea to make sure that you get a tool with a keyboard attached, a battery life you can depend on, and a top-rated processor for the best performance possible.

  • Why is the iPad better for programming?

I found that the Apple iPad is the most suitable to code. Due to their higher specifications and capabilities, they are also useful for those who are new to programming.

Is there a tablet that is better for programming on Android or iOS?
An Android tablet that would be the best is the Microsoft Surface Pro. This tablet offers a wealth of features and capabilities that are perfect for doing your everyday tasks. One of the best iOS tablets for programming would be the Apple iPad Pro.

Among the items available with it are the right type of device, the screen keyboard, and the pen. On top of that, you can also find the storage and processor on them quite fine. Using these, you can find what you are looking for more quickly.



Thank you for reading till the end. Hopefully, you now have a better idea about the best tablets for coding. Furthermore, each of the included tablets has a unique signature that matches the professionalism you need.

With that, I have concluded the discussion on the best tablet for gaming, programming, and coding. They have an array of features for gaming, programming, and coding. A good device sometimes requires some planning, and patience, and may be quite tricky to choose.

The reason for that is that there are a lot of devices on sale in the market for you to choose from. The problem is that most of them aren’t ideal for your programming requirements. However, they are quite capable.

When that happens, my post will be helpful in helping you choose the best tablet among them.

My readers are encouraged to do their own research when looking for the best tablet. You never know what can be found by doing some online research. Before buying anything, remember to consider these factors.

I hope I have given you complete insights on how to choose the perfect tablet for coding and other options. It is now up to your decision on which one you should go for.

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