Huion Inspiroy H640P Review: A Budget Drawing Tablet 2024

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Ben Scott

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huion inspiroy h640pIn the midst of our fast-paced digital era, the HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet stands out as an invaluable tool for both creative minds and educators alike. Remember those moments when a conventional mouse felt restricted during complex tasks? The H640P swoops in as a remarkable solution to that issue.

Speaking from experience, this isn’t merely a drawing tablet for me; it feels like an intuitive extension of my creativity. From crafting a sketch, refining an image, and taking notes, to even electronically signing documents, everything seems effortless thanks to its responsive pad and the accuracy of its digital pen.

Its versatility is perhaps what sets the H640P a notch above the rest. It’s not just tailored for artists, designers, or digital creators, although it integrates splendidly with most of the leading creative software out there. Its prowess extends to the domain of online education, which is a game-changer in our increasingly digital-centric educational system. As someone who values the blend of technology and learning, it’s heartening to see how this device resonates with numerous online educational tools, benefitting both the learners and the tutors. In a nutshell, In essence, the HUION Inspiroy H640P isn’t just a gadget; it’s a portal that opens up boundless opportunities in the digital world, simplifying tasks that once seemed intricate.

Huion tablets consistently stand among the most authentic drawing tablets overall. Right now we think the most, literary Huion tablet you can buy is the Huion H640P. It has the absolute balance of affordability and functionality, making it ideal for a huge swathe of creatives across various obedience and ability levels.

Hardware Specifications Huion Inspiroy H640P
Product Dimensions  260 x 147.7 x 8mm
Active Area 160 x 100mm
Pen Digital Pen PW100
Pen Pressure Levels 8192
Pen Resolution 5080LPI
Keys 6 Express Keys
OS Support  Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.12 or
later, Android 6.0 or later, and Linux
Weight 277g
  • Battery-free stylus.
  • For professionals.
  • Cheapest in the segment.
  • No screen.
  • Not for beginners.


HUION Inspiroy H640P- Design

huion inspiroy h640 design

Talking about the design of the HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet. Its design speaks volumes about its craftsmanship. The tablet, with dimensions of 260 x 147.7 x 8mm, has a sleek and portable build that caught my attention immediately. The 8mm ultra-slim body isn’t just pleasing to the eye but is highly functional, making it incredibly easy to carry around. This is further complemented by passive electromagnetic induction technology, reinforcing its modern appeal.

The tablet’s full-covering lamination design enhances its overall look, making it appear both elegant and professional. Weighing in at a mere 277g, it feels lightweight yet sturdy in hand. The classic black color ensures it blends seamlessly into any workspace. A significant aspect of its design is the dedicated turn-on/off button, a small but notable feature that offers convenience.

Moreover, the H640P comes with 6 programmable press keys, which I found exceptionally useful for quick shortcuts and commands. Lastly, the inclusion of a Micro USB interface is both practical and efficient, ensuring smooth connectivity. The tablet’s working area is 160 x 100mm (6.3×3.9inch).

In a nutshell, the HUION Inspiroy H640P’s design beautifully marries form and function. Its compact, sleek profile combined with its user-friendly features makes it a standout in the realm of drawing tablets.


HUION Inspiroy H640P- Compatibility

huion inspiroy h640p compatibility

The compatibility of a drawing tablet plays a pivotal role in its effectiveness, and the HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet is no exception. Right from the start, I was pleasantly surprised by its broad range of OS support. It’s highly adaptable, effortlessly integrating with Windows 7 and its subsequent versions, macOS 10.12 and onward, Android 6.0 and its successors, as well as Linux. This expansive compatibility ensures that whether I’m on my laptop, desktop, or even my mobile device, the H640P is up for the task.

Its versatility shines even brighter when considering its application areas. From OSU gaming and note-taking to e-signatures and mouse replacement tasks, it’s impressive how the H640P fits the bill. Personally, photo editing and drawing sessions felt notably smooth, and diving into realms like film and animation was a breeze.

Now, when it comes to software, the H640P is no slouch either. For Windows or macOS users, mainstream programs like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom, SAI, CSP, Krita, CorelDRAW, Corel Painter, and Affinity Designer work seamlessly with this tablet. Being an Android enthusiast, I was elated to see it mesh well with apps like Concepts, Sketchbook, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, and PicsArt. For my Linux moments, the H640P was compatible with go-to software like Krita, GIMP, Aftershot, and even Blender.

To sum it up, the HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet’s compatibility is truly commendable. It not only aligns with a plethora of operating systems but also integrates seamlessly with a wide range of software, ensuring a fluid user experience across the board.


HUION Inspiroy H640P- Pen Sensitivity

Huion Inspiroy H640 pen

In my journey as a digital artist, the pen plays a central role, acting as an extension of my hand. So, when I first laid my hands on the pen (Digital Pen PW100) accompanying the HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet, I had certain expectations. And I’m pleased to report, it surpassed most of them.

What stood out initially is the fact that this pen employs Battery-free Electromagnetic Resonance technology. In simple terms, this means no annoying disruptions to charging the pen, ensuring uninterrupted creativity. It’s a game-changer for those prolonged drawing sessions.

The pressure sensitivity, rated at a whopping 8192 levels, provided an experience close to wielding a real pencil. It offered a diverse range, from the lightest strokes to the deepest impressions, capturing every nuance of my drawing technique. With a Pen Resolution of 5080LPI, the precision was nothing short of impressive. Each line, curve, and shade felt accurate and true to my intent.

The rapid Report Rate of 233PPS ensured real-time response without any noticeable lag. It’s a feature that makes a world of difference, especially when you’re deep into a detailed artwork. The Accuracy level of ±0.3mm combined with a Sensing Height of 10mm only adds to its finesse, allowing for varied strokes without the pen necessarily touching the tablet’s surface.

To wrap it up, the pen of the HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet feels less like a tool and more like a natural extension of one’s artistic hand. Its advanced features and technology blend seamlessly, offering a drawing experience that’s both intuitive and precise. Whether you’re sketching, painting, or simply doodling, this pen is up to the mark, ensuring your artistry is captured in its truest form.


HUION Inspiroy H640P- Accessories

huion inspiroy h640p accessories

Diving into the world of digital drawing with the HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet was an experience made all the more immersive thanks to its thoughtfully included accessories. Let me walk you through my firsthand encounter with each of them.

Starting off with Pen Tablet Inspiroy H640P, it’s clear that this isn’t just any drawing pad. Its sleek design is accentuated by its functionality, serving as the canvas for my digital masterpieces. Accompanying it is the Battery-free Pen PW100, a revelation in itself. The absence of batteries meant I could draw or sketch for hours on end without the need to recharge, allowing my creativity to flow uninterrupted.

The inclusion of the Micro USB Cable ensures connectivity is never an issue. It’s durable and offers a dependable connection between the tablet and my computer. I appreciate the consideration of different devices with the addition of the OTG Adapter. This tiny accessory opens up a world of possibilities, allowing the tablet to connect seamlessly with mobile devices.

The Pen Holder PH03 is more than just a resting place for the PW100. It’s ergonomic, and stylish, and ensures my pen is always within arm’s reach, protected from any potential mishaps. Speaking of the pen, the 8 additional Pen Nibs were a pleasant surprise. Having replacements on hand ensures that wear and tear don’t hinder the tablet’s performance, ensuring longevity and consistent quality in my drawings.

In conclusion, the accessories that come with the HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet aren’t mere add-ons; they’re essential components that enhance the overall user experience. Every single accessory, from the pen to the OTG adapter, has been designed with the user’s needs in mind, making the journey from imagination to digital creation a smooth and enjoyable one.



The HUION Inspiroy H640P Drawing Tablet is more than just a digital canvas; it’s a seamless fusion of design, functionality, and compatibility, tailored to meet the diverse needs of today’s digital artists, designers, and educators. From its sleek profile to its battery-free pen, every feature has been crafted with precision and user experience in mind. Its wide-ranging compatibility, not just with various operating systems but also with an array of creative software, underscores its versatility.

Whether you’re sketching, designing, teaching, or simply replacing the conventional mouse, the H640P stands out as a reliable and intuitive companion. In a world where the bridge between imagination and digital creation is pivotal, this tablet positions itself as a robust link, making the journey from thought to pixel both effortless and enjoyable.

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