Best Drawing Tablet With Screen

10 Best Drawing Tablet With Screen (Pen Displays) in 2022

Technology has changed us a lot in these few years, in the same way, our way of working has also changed. From working on big-size computers to working on tablets, we have changed a lot.

The change is the fast-evolving technology that is making our work more straightforward with these new gadgets. Do you feel lonely? You can talk with your virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri. Want to write or draw something? You can use these drawing tablets with a screen. Want to read something? You can do that on a tablet for reading.

A lot has changed in the past few years with this ever-changing scenario of our work culture. We would love to write about these nine best drawing tablet with screen (pen displays) that will help you a lot in 2022. These drawing tablets with a screen will allow the artists and used by everyone who works on desktops or laptops.

But, If you are a beginner artist, you must have come across various drawing tablets that can not only increase your creativity. But it will also give you a new platform to develop new skills because there are many features on these drawing tablets that are impossible when you’re creating something on paper.

Let’s learn how these drawing tablets with a screen can help you to increase your work efficiency by 110% or more.

Types Of Drawing Tablet With Screen

Before going on to the list of top 10 drawing tablet with screen, We would like to throw some knowledge on the types of drawing tablets in the market and their unique features.

You will find hundreds of drawing tablets with a screen but depending on your needs and requirement, your art style, and there is a need to choose the best match for your work. Depending upon your way of work and the functions you require, you have to make the best choice.

Before buying any drawing tablets, you have to keep in mind some essential points so that you can get the best match and value for money as well.

Laminated vs Non-Laminated Display

You must have heard of laminated mobile displays or screens. But if you don’t know about laminated and non-laminated shows, we’re here to cover everything about laminated displays before you buy any of the drawing tablets with s screen.

Before digging deeper into laminated displays, You need to know the structure of the mobile displays. The portable show consists of three layers, i.e., the display panel, touch layer, and top glass.

These three combine to become a great display. The display panel is the bottom layer, the touch layer is responsible for the touch gestures, and the top glass is scratch-resistant to protect the show.

Here comes the difference: In a non-laminated screen, these three layers are combined using glue, and sometimes it allows to form air gaps between them, resulting in the light coming in and out of the screen and bad image quality.

Talking about the laminated screen, these three layers are laminated together as a single piece of glass and give a better screen image quality, and that’s why most high-tech devices use laminated screens on their displays.

Wired vs Wireless Drawing Tablet With Screen

There’s no such difference between a wired and wireless drawing tablet except that you can more freely move your pen on your drawing tablet with the wireless drawing tablet. All the other specifications will be the same if you buy these drawing tablets with a screen.

But, choosing any wired drawing tablets will give you more stability and signal transmission, which are essential when drawing something on a tablet. Also, the cost of the wired tablet is going to be lower than that of the wireless as the manufacturing cost of the wired tablet is going to be lower.

Anti-Glare Glass Feature

It is one of the most important features when it comes to buying gadgets with a display. Talking about the anti-glare glass features, when you have to buy a drawing tablet with screen, You have to make sure the tablet has an anti-glare display as it will help your eyes and your presentations better.

Otherwise, the glare reflected from your tablet screen will not only hurt your eyes but will affect your art presentation as well.

You’ll be like, what does anti-glare glass do?

In simple words, It alters the light which passes through the screen through diffusion, and the surface of the glass offers a paper-like gesture. It affects your viewing angle, image presentation, and colour as well.

Pressure Sensitivity Of Stylus

The stylus is essential when it comes to drawing tablets. The quality of a good stylus is dependent on pressure sensitivity. If you are looking for a tablet with a stylus that suits your style, we’ll help you with that.

Using a better pressure-sensitive pen with your tablet will help ideate and render your images in a better way on a pen tablet. It will be more helpful when you have a complicated design.

The benefit you’ll get using a pressure-sensitive pen over that of a regular digital pen is that it has a pressure sensor that will help write, draw, and render various lines with variety in their thickness. It will give complete control, just like you draw on paper. Better the sensitivity, the better will be your experience.


List Of Best Drawing Tablets With Screen In 2022:-

Best Drawing Tablets With Screen –  Size
Wacom One 13.3″
Wacom Cintiq 15.6″
Wacom Cintiq Pro 13.3″
Parblo 10.1 10.1″
XP-PEN Artist 15.6 Pro 15.6″
Huion Kamvas Pro 13 13.3″
Gaomon PD1560 15.6″
Huion Kamvas Pro 16 15.6″
XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro 11.6″
Gaomon PD1161 11.6″


1. Wacom One

In general, Wacom’s products are built to last for many years. I didn’t feel I was working on a cheap display since the plastic construction is exceptionally rigid and wasn’t as flimsy as Wacom’s “Pro” products.

This device has a screen that measures 11.6 x 6.5 inches (13.3 inches on the diagonal) and bezels that measure about 1.25 inches all around. The display doesn’t have a seam between the screen and the bezel to catch the pen, which I like, but the display also lacks shortcut buttons or dials on the surface, which I do not.

drawing tablet with screen

As there are few inputs or other features, there’s no row of shortcut keys. You’ll find a cloth loop at the top of the tablet that makes a nice pen holder, the USB-C port, the power button, and a single LED. Three spare pen nibs are hidden under the display’s fold-away feet, which stand the display upright at a 19-degree angle.

You will also receive the entry-level battery-free EMR pen from Wacom, as well as a highly clumsy connection cable. It has a power cord and USB-C connection on one side, while on the other, there are USB-A and HDMI connections. The display is powered from the wall, connected via USB-C to the display, and both HDMI and USB-A cables must be connected to your computer.

Want to know more? You can read our full expert’s review on Wacom One.

When you’re finished setting up the Wacom pen, you’ll be editing with it. Wacom offers an entry-level model of the pen with 4092 levels of pressure sensitivity, one button, and no eraser.

In my opinion, using a pen display for photo editing is far superior to using a pen tablet. Although I can look at my computer screen while drawing on the tablet, working directly on top of the photograph is far more satisfying and engaging.

Hardware Specifications of Wacom One
Pen Pressure Levels  4092
Response Time 26ms
Display 1920×1080
Screen Size 13.3″
NTSC 72%
Pen Resolution 2540
Weight 2.22 lbs


2. Wacom Cintiq

The second most popular Wacom device when it comes to drawing tablets with screen is the Wacom Cintiq. The new class Wacom series tablet device, designed exclusively for graphic professionals and artists. It comes with a creative pen display and some elevated features that will undoubtedly help beginners.

Wacom Cintiq 16 comes with a high-quality build when you consider its price. You will also receive the “Pro” model pen for free with the purchase.

With the price range I was expecting, the screen quality was far superior to what I experienced. Although it lacks the 4K display found on more expensive models, 1920*1080 screen is still of high quality and has a matte finish to reduce glare.

With the Wacom Cintiq 16, you don’t get a stand, which is one of the compromises Wacom had to make to achieve this price range.

Second, the tablet has a power button, but otherwise, no physical buttons. Lastly, the touch screen does not work. After working on tablet devices for years, initially, you will be frustrated by wanting to zoom in on the screen, but you will get used to it.

In technical terms, setting up the Cintiq 16 is relatively straightforward. Once the cables are plugged in, and the Wacom drivers are installed, restart your computer, and you’re all set.

With regards to ease of use, there’s not much to complain about from a hardware perspective. The Pro pen does not have physical buttons, so you have to rely on the onscreen controls. However, the pen responds very well, and the drawing experience is top-notch.

I believe Wacom could have done a better job of providing user-friendly software to set up onscreen controls. I have been impressed with the Wacom Cintiq 16 for about two weeks now.

Wacom could remain ahead of Apple shortly if it focuses on improving onscreen controls and adding touch screens with limited cost impacts.

Hardware Specifications of Wacom Cintiq
Pen Pressure Levels 8192
Response Time 25ms & 22ms
Display 1920×1080
Pen Resolution 15.6″  and 21.5″
NTSC 72%
Pen Resolution 5080
Weight 2.2 lbs


3. Wacom Cintiq Pro- Best Drawing Tablet With Screen

The third and the last Wacom device in this list is Wacom Cintiq Pro. This is somewhat a different version of the Wacom Cintiq device with four screen size variants, i.e., 13″, 16″, 23″, and 32.”

The Cintiq Pro screen has a premium 4k resolution display with no virtual parallax to ensure you have a smooth and excellent graphical experience at work.

Although it does have a 24-inch screen, it’s just the screen, not the device. It occupies most of my desk space, and it’s so big that it’s difficult to film with. It measures more like 30 inches corner to corner. Extra space is available around the sides. The bezel on every device is getting smaller and smaller, pushing the screen to the edge. In this case, I think it’s a good thing.

I’ve used this Pro pen two on the Wacom Intuos 2 and Mobile Studio Pro several times now. I like the feel of this pen. Functionality-wise, it ticks all the boxes. It has full tilt support, no batteries, and no charging required. In short, it makes drawing very pleasant.

The setup process went smoothly. There are many cables included with the Cintiq. If you want to use HDMI or USB, you can do it. It’s vast, and the display is beautiful, so I decided to try the USB-C cable. The display and functionality are all connected with one cable. Parallax is minimal; pixel density is high.

This drawing tablet is also available in 13 inches. To know more about that, read our overview on Wacom Cintiq Pro 13.

There is a steep price tag on this, but if you’re ready to pay for the best, you’re sure to get it. When it comes to drawing, I still hold Wacom’s pens up as the gold standard. The experience is fantastic, and this is no different.

When you spend very much on something, you want to have it feel good; from the second the pen hits the screen and you plug it in, it just feels nice and just as it should. It’s what you’re buying.

Hardware Specifications of Wacom Cintiq Pro
Pen Pressure Levels 8192
Response Time 8ms
Display 3840×2160 UHD
Screen Size 13.3″, 15.6″, 23.6″  and 31.5″
NTSC 72%
Pen Resolution 5080
Weight 2 lbs


4- Parblo 10.1 Inches Coast10 Graphics Drawing Tablet

The Coast10 is one of the more reasonable drawing tablets on the market, especially considering its size and features. In contrast with professional and expert artists, it is geared toward students and hobbyists seeking quality products within a modest budget. Some professionals might consider it as an emergency backup or replacement tablet.

The Coast10 tablet impressed me especially with its high recognition rate and sensitivity, making it ideal for writing and drawing even the tiniest fonts and designs. Because it can only be powered on through a computer or laptop, the tablet works as a secondary display.

Parblo-10.1-Coast-10 - Best Drawing Tablet With Screen

In terms of a digital tablet, the display quality is probably the most crucial element. Among tablets from Parblo, the Coast10 tablet is a good performer. Tempered glass is used to make this screen which has a 16:10 display ratio and is incredibly durable. The Coast10 features a TFT LCD panel measuring 10.1 inches. This workspace measures 21.7 cm x 13.5 cm, giving you enough room for active work.

Coast10 tablet offers an impressive 12-inch display, 1280 x 800 pixels, with a sharp, bright image. The frustration of repeatedly looking at the computer screen while drawing on a graphics tablet (without display) is well known. The quality of the display on display tablets matters most, especially to beginners.

There can be a wide range of pressure-sensitivity levels in drawing tablets. Based on how much pressure you apply, the pressure sensitivity level determines the thickness of the line. In essential tablets, pressure sensitivity levels are often as low as 1,000. There’s no doubt that you will appreciate the Coast10 tablet’s 2,048-point pressure sensitivity level.

My favourite feature of the Coast10 tablet was the drawing pen. This pen does not require batteries, making it remarkably lightweight. Battery leakage, battery leakage replacement, or changing the battery are not concerns. As it glides smoothly across the screen and does not weigh much, the pen is extremely comfortable to use.

I have no reason to doubt the quality of this product. It has enough features to qualify as both a beginner’s and an intermediate’s must-have. Parblo was founded just a few years ago in the graphic tablets market and could become the market leader.

Hardware Specifications of Parblo 10.1 Coast 10
Pen Pressure Levels 2048
Active Area 8.5 inches x 5.3 inches
Display 1280 x 800
Screen Size 10.1″
Operating System Windows ad Mac OS
Dimension 290 mm x 210 mm x 18.5mm
Weight 1.38 lbs


5. XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

I’ve already listed this tablet in our list of the best for artists. The main feature of XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro is its red dial interface that will enhance your digital creativity level—designed to keep in mind the device’s smooth and efficient functioning for heavy graphics work.

A 15.6-inch tablet with full HD resolution provides an active drawing area of 1920 x 1080 on the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro.

cheap drawing tablet with screen

The Cintiq 16 has a gamut of approximately 75 per cent RGB, while the screen has an impressive 84 per cent Adobe RGB.

Due to its laminated and bonded screen, the 15.6 Pro reduces parallax. There are similar low parallax levels to the Cintiq, I found. I quickly got used to it, as it’s noticeable, but the only minor. Due to the film cover’s anti-glare properties, reflections are considerably reduced.

With 8192 pressure levels and a tilt range of 60 degrees, this stylus is battery-free and will not drain your battery. It’s worth mentioning a few caveats. While the tilt function feels less sensitive than the Pro Pen 2 on the Cintiq, the cursor tends to shift the nib of the stylus, frustratingly offsetting the cursor.

With the 15.6 Pro, I connected the display and drew power from the same cable, so I didn’t need an AC adapter. It can even be run from an external power bank, which adds to its portability.

A red dial, which can be programmed to change brush sizes, zoom in and out, and so on, is built into the 15.6.

As a budget tablet alternative to Wacom Cintiq 16, the XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro is good. The screen is good, with low parallax and valuable shortcuts, and it has some tilt functionality. I’m glad we have a company that is serious about competing with Wacom.

Hardware Specifications of XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro
Pen Pressure Levels  8192
Response 200 RPS
Display 1920×1080
Screen Size 15.6″
NTSC 88%
Pen Resolution 5080
Weight 2.22 lbs


6. Huion Kamvas Pro 13 – Best Drawing Tablet with Screen

The Huion Kamvas Pro 13 has many features that you have never seen in other devices in this price range for creatives and visuals. It will surely help you to enhance your creative skills and designs as well.

The Huion Kamvas Pro 13 is quite attractive with a dark front with a silver rim and a dark colour scheme.
There is a lovely matte texture to the screen right out of the box. The texture helps you control your strokes better by giving resistance to the pen while you draw. Moreover, it prevents glare caused by light reflected from the screen.

Budget Friendly Drawing Tablet With Screen

In addition to the four programmable buttons, the tablet also has a touch bar. One of the two more oversized buttons on top and bottom is a power button, the other is a function switch, and both are OSD settings buttons.

There is just one USB Type-C connector on the tablet. Due to this design, the L-shaped cable can be used with either hand. Type C ports can be connected either way because they are symmetrical.

Tablet comes with a pen that looks premium, has an excellent rubber grip, and is plastic with silver accents. Due to a slight taper and bulge at its tip.

They were powered by an 11.5 x 6.5-inch screen with a crisp 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The Kamvas Pro 13 features a sleek design and a beautiful screen. The colours on the screen of the Huion Kamvas Pro 13 are relatively good out of the box. Although the default settings aren’t calibrated, they’re still okay, though a bit heavy on the blues.

The pen provided with this tablet can provide 8192 levels of pressure, and it was a pleasure to draw on the Huion Kamvas Pro 13. Although I had to fiddle around with the pen calibration for a while to get it right, I found the pen experience quite satisfying after that.

Any interested party should consider this tablet. This tablet has a large screen with excellent colours and virtually no parallax, a battery-free pen with pen tilt functionality, and a slim profile so that it’s portable between offices.

Hardware Specifications of Huion Kamvas Pro 13
Pen Pressure Levels  8192
Response Time 25ms
Display 1920×1080
Screen Size 13.3″
SRGB 120%
Pen Resolution 5080
Weight 2.4 lbs


7. Gaomon PD1560

PD1560 Gaomon tablet is one of the newer rivals on the scene, and as someone who’s always used Wacom tablets, I was inquisitive to see how it compares.

With a 15.6-inch widescreen display and shorter Express Keys, this tablet offers a decent amount of working space for a budget model.

I was impressed by the range of extras included. In addition to the tablet, stylus, and cables, you also get an adjustable stand, a stylus holder with extra nibs, a drawing glove, a screen protector, and a case.

In my opinion, the setup process wasn’t very intuitive. All the necessary tools are included to install the stand, but there is some screwdriver required. Drawing on the Gaomon feels a bit less organic as someone used to Wacom Cintiqs. Despite Gaomon’s pressure sensitivity of 8,192 levels – equal to that of its competitors Wacom and Cintiq – the device feels less precise and more noticeable in parallax than the Cintiq.

It does not have an eraser tip like the Wacom pens do, so I missed it. In addition to charging via a USB cable, it requires an 80-minute charge, which isn’t too troublesome because you can continue to work while the charger is on.

Want to know more? Read our expert’s opinion on Gaomon PD 1560.

There is no doubt that the glass screen feels just as described – thick, complicated against the plastic nib, somewhat reflective and even prone to glare. Although the left side’s Express Keys can be customised, they are still an excellent feature – there are plenty of them so that users can create ten shortcuts, and the tablet can be rotated to accommodate users with a left-handed grip. Yes, Gaomon has named the devices just like Wacom.

A competent product, the Gaomon PD1560 does precisely what it is meant to do. In comparison with the Wacom Cintiq, several factors made it seem, in a nutshell, inferior.

Hardware Specifications of Gaomon PD1560
Pen Pressure Levels  8192
Response Time 25ms
Display 1920×1080
Screen Size 15.6″
NTSC 72%
Pen Resolution 5080
Weight 2.22 lbs


8. Huion Kamvas Pro 16

Huion released a new and improved graphics display tablet designed to fill a void among graphic creators and make its impressive portfolio even more impressive. In essence, it is an improvement and more extensive version of the previous version, the Kamvas Pro 13.

This high definition screen is entirely laminated, and the size is just perfect for vivid representation of every detail displayed on the screen. It also gives users the satisfaction of having enough space as they navigate around this screen.

Best Drawing Tablet With Screen

As a result of the device’s 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, it has the brightness and clarity required for an excellent display. This graphics tablet offers the same seamless visual effects, regardless of viewing angle. The viewing range of this tablet stretches over 178°. All of the images maintain the authentic feel and tonality of nature.

Additionally, it is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around. It is only 11.5mm thick and weighs about 135 grams. It boasts a sleek appearance. Although the screen has a matte appearance, the thin rim glistens to give it a dynamic appearance.

The aluminium alloy back cover of the rear part has a silvery look and provides good durability. This makes it easy for users to produce more elements for their imaginations on the screen of this fantastic tablet since it is easy to carry. Therefore, it is very mobile. In addition to being simple in design, it is also easy to operate and handle.
Designed to be user-friendly both for left-handers and right-handers, it makes it easy for everyone to use.

There is still many things left to discuss about Huion Kamvas Pro 16.

In addition, there is a navigation touch bar on both sides of the panel with six programmable keys. There are six programmable keys, a power button, and a function button to access the onscreen menu.

To give shape to this idea, the digital pen PW507 is thoughtfully designed to support the Kamvas Pro 16. Technology developed for the stylus eliminates the need for batteries.

It does not need to be charged, or its battery runs out. Using the 8192 levels of pressure sensitivities and the *60° tilt technology, users can create their creations with high levels of accuracy. The lines and strokes show up as varying pressures by varying the pressure, which gives the drawings more substance by highlighting all the transitions.

Hardware Specifications of Huion Kamvas Pro 16
Pen Pressure Levels  8192
Response  288 RPS
Display 1920×1080
Screen Size 15.6″
Express Key 6 + 1 Touch
Pen Resolution 5080
Weight 2.98 lbs


9. XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro

A new version of the Pen Artist 12 tablet, XP Pen Artist 12 Pro, has been introduced. We will take a closer look at all the features this tablet offers and help you decide if it is a suitable device for you.

This tablet seems like a well-refined, high-quality product from the very first glance. There is a modern and minimalist design to it. You can see the display in the centre, a shortcut button on the left, and the XP pen logo on the right. There are eight shortcut buttons on the XP Pen Artist 12. These buttons are located on the left in two groups of four buttons each.

As the glass extends over the borders of the display, the stylus won’t get stuck there. The tablet is made from highly durable plastic that is extremely strong in hand, with no flexing or rattling when shaken, overall giving it a high-end feel. In summary, the drawing tablet’s build quality is superior to that of a budget drawing tablet.

The 11.6-inch display of the XP Pen Artist 12 Pro makes it easy to use. NTSC color coverage is 72% and the resolution is 1920 x 1080 (FullHD). Compared to larger tablets with similar resolutions, an 11.6-inch screen with full HD resolution produces crisper images.

Still Confused? Want to know more? Read our opinion on XP-pen artist pro 12.

While an entry-level tablet, XP Pen has all of the features you get with larger models, other than the display size. Also essential is the stylus that comes with the Artist 12 Pro. Comparable styluses are hard to come by at this price range. The stylus does not make inconsistent pressure bumps or jittering strokes. It also has very balanced pressure sensitivity.

This software program offers a comprehensive solution for anyone who wants to enhance their drawing abilities. Using this tablet will be a lot of fun since it has all the features that you need.

Hardware Specifications of XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro
Pen Pressure Levels  8192
Response Time 200ms
Display 1920×1080
Screen Size 11.6″
NTSC 72%
Pen Resolution 5080
Weight 3.3 lbs


10- Gaomon PD1161

With the recent market launch of the PD1161 drawing tablet, Gaomon has launched a revolutionary new product. In addition to being affordable, it reigns the market for inexpensive products after brands such as Huion. Picking a GAOMON PD1161 drawing tablet is an ideal choice if you’re a beginner or have some training to enhance your creative skills.

In addition to its inspired design, the GAOMON PD1161 has excellent compactness and sleekness. With its 11.6″ display and its 256.32 x 144.18mm play area, this tablet makes making amazing drawings easy. This tablet is a revolutionary breakthrough compared with outdated drawing tablets with large screens.


While using it, I felt that the bound curves make this tablet very easy to hold and make it robust while making it at the same time pleasing to my hands. In addition, the drawing tablet Gaomon PD1161 has eight express keys that facilitate seamless operations and boost your productivity.

If you want to add colours to your designs, you don’t have to compromise on your creativity just because it’s a compact design. This IPS display is capable of displaying images that are crisp, clear, and bright.

The GAOMON PD1161 pen is an innovative product. Users can draw seamlessly on the screen with the GAOMON PD1161 pen AP50 thanks to its pressure level of 8192, which mimics the feel of drawing on paper.

Beginning digital users experience difficulty using a pen when switching from tangible tools. AP50, however, is quite a different kind of pen. The 5080LPI can draw clear lines of various shapes on the tablet, and the ergonomic design provides a perfect grip over the pen. Additionally, pen AP50 has a battery-free operation, supporting your long-term working.

For detailed review on Gaomon PD 1161, CLICK HERE.

Both iOS and Windows are highly compatible with the tablet. GAOMON’s PD1161 offers USB and Video interfaces to allow you to remain connected to your desktop, providing other peripherals that may be required during work. This device offers excellent compatibility and quick connectivity options, so you can quickly achieve excellent results in your work and creativity.

Considering all the positive reviews and responses this tablet is getting, the Gaomon PD1161 should be considered as one of the options. Gaomon PD1161 is available on several shopping sites, and you can learn more about its features on the company’s website.

Hardware Specifications of Gaomon PD1161
Pen Pressure Levels  8192
Active Area 256.32×144.18mm
Display Resolution 1920×1080
Screen Size 11.6″
NTSC 72%
Express Key 8
Weight 1.9 lbs


Wrapping Up

If you’re an artist or someone who’s into creatives, then investing in a digital drawing tablet will be very helpful in a long way. It will last longer and will also increase your efficiency. We’ve done a quick research and figured out the top 11 drawing tablet with a screen to help you in your work.

There are always trade-offs to be made. To get the most out of your digital drawing tablet, you’ll need to spend more, and you might find that a cheaper tablet lacks some features. Drawing tablets that meet all your requirements would be the best. The ideal model should be reasonably priced, have excellent picture quality, an adequate active area size, and a sensitive stylus.

In addition to battery life, software matters as well. You may need some time to get used to these tablets if you are very new to this digital art genre and use a macOS. Windows users might, however, find working on Mac OS a challenge.

In conclusion, the best drawing tablet can be found. The numerous options aren’t worth the time and effort. Choosing the right drawing tablet is as easy as consulting options with a discerning eye.

We hope our efforts helped you make the right choice of buying a budget drawing tablet with a screen in 2022. Do let us know your queries in the comment section.

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