Wacom One review

Wacom One : A Great Drawing Tablet for Budding Artists 2022

One by Wacom is one of the most budget-friendly drawing tablets in the stores. It is specifically made for novices and has everything you want to get started with digital illustration. One of the purposes, why this tablet is so prevalent amongst newcomers, is – despite its low price, it comes with a quick, precise, and reliable stylus along with an exquisite drawing surface.

There are various other pocket-friendly drawing tablets in the market but no one meets the quality of the drawing surface given by One by Wacom.

But without any shortcut keys, is the One by Wacom a great choice for amateur artists?

In this One by Wacom article, well will take a wide dive at all the features this tablet has to endeavor and assist you figure out whether this tablet is the best fit for you or not.


Hardware Specifications of Wacom One
Pen sensitivity 4096 Levels
Active Area 11.6 x 6.5 inch
Respnse Time 26 ms
Voltage DC 5V
OS Support MAC OS 10.13 or later and Windows 7 or later
Battery Life Micro-USB
Weight 4.56 lbs
  • Surface feels like paper.
  • Small size fits anywhere.
  • Pen quality.
  • Multi cord setup.
  • Not for the long run.


Design and Build Quality

Wacom is always appreciated for its excellent built quality no matter whether we talk of Budget Wacom tablet or the more costly models. The top surface of the One by Wacom appears to be made of the equal material that is used in Wacom Intuos.

The surface is hard and handles scrapes and scratches with affluence. Unlike some Wacom knockoffs, even after extended usages theses Wacom surface does not gets damaged up quickly.The exterior of One by Wacom is lightly textured. This surface texture gives small resistance to the stylus which makes the pen movements look more controlled.

The texture on the design surface is very well poised. It is neither too bold nor too hard.


Most of the design tablet in the store comes with the same boring black color choice.

In contrast, the One by Wacom is possible in Red color option. The top design surface of the tablet is still black when you turn the tablet to its back you will notice the Red-colored back panel in all its beauty.

In actual life, it looks really beautiful. For those who are questioning – The One by Wacom is also available in the common all-black color option.

A Basic Slate

The antiglare screen has the very full HD or 1080p (1,920-by-1,080-pixel) presentation as the 15.6-inch Wacom Cintiq 16. It utilizes superior hyper-viewing angle (AHVA) technology, a modification of familiar in-plane switching (IPS) technology rather than VA.

Wacom One slate

Weighing 0.6 by 14.1 by 8.9 inches and weighing 2.2 pounds, the Wacom One—which I’ll just call the One from here on—seems like a tablet, but with deep matte-black bezels (1.3 inches on the base, an inch on each side, and just under an inch on the cover).

On the first edge are a USB-C port and a material loop holder for the pen. The base of the tablet is white. A black strip covers two fold-out legs that can prop the monitor at a 19-degree incline. Stashed in a bay below one leg are three other nibs (tips) for the pen.

Effective Stylus

The bundled Wacom One Pen has 4,092 levels of pressure sensation and looked reasonably active in my testing. It’s not as delicate as the Wacom Pro Pen 2, which we’ve seen in many Wacom goods including the Cintiq 16, Cintiq 22, and Intuos Pro Small, and which owns 8,192 levels of sensitivity. If I were an expert artist, I might be pickier, but I had no problem with the One Pen’s responsiveness level.

Wacom One pen

While the Pro Pen 2 has three programmable keys including an “eraser,” the Wacom One Pen has only 1. Like its more elegant sibling, the stylus doesn’t have a battery and doesn’t need charging, as it draws power from the layout through Wacom’s electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology.

Some third parties have served with Wacom to develop pens that use the EMR technology and operate with Wacom products. Wacom sent us one model, the Staedtler Noris Digital pencil, which has a much smaller point and was entertaining to experiment with.

Drawing Surface

One by Wacom has a very true-to-paper-like form on the design surface. It gives a slight slowdown and makes a paper-like sound which the art experience very pleasant. It uses similar materials for the drawing surface which they practice in their more costly tablets.

Wacom One surface

Many other common tablets can get scar marks on a tablet overextended uses. But Wacom Drawing surface lasts a very great time and you would not have any scar issues even after massive use.


One by Wacom may be a budget tablet but when it happens to real-life uses it is no less than any precious tablet.

The strokes are even with virtually no delay. The strokes are soft and the tablet does not show wobble and jittering problems where the line is not good and comes out like a wave. Many other budget-friendly tablets face these kinds of problems but not this one.


You get the Stylus, a large USB Cable, nib remover device, three other pen tips, and the tablet itself.

The USB cable has a USB-A port at the edge which attaches to the tablet and a traditional full-size USB to join to the computer.

If you are on the most advanced laptop which does not has the full-size regular USB port, then you need to take a dongle.

One more feature to note is – the other pen tips and the nib remover device comes in a transparent plastic bag. There is no area inside the tablet to put them, so you require to be extra cautious and store them cautiously.

Who is this for?

As an entry-level display tablet, the Wacom One has special use purposes. Those who are into editing digital picture-taking and video could help by using a Wacom One. People who want to spend a fair quantity of time marking up digital papers would be wise to examine the Wacom One seriously — I don’t think there’s a more reliable choice out there for digital markups.

However, expert designers and artists would need to support the setup. If you’re already satisfied with an Intuos-like setup, the hotkeys are going to be the most important reason to stay with a non-display art tablet.


If you are a visual designer and or do any kind of digital artwork this tablet is for you. You can simply make a selection, mask objects’ color, and do a lot of other stuff doing it.

It is a very common device among artist who uses it for photo retouching. These are also excellent for studying digital painting and it is fully competent to make the professional digital design.

Other than that 3D software like ZBrush gets full control of the device’s abilities for 3D sculpting. These tools are also used in offices for obtaining digital signatures and getting handwritten data. Some also utilize the device to play sports like OSU. In a nutshell, it is an all-in-one tool for all your digital requirements.


The Wacom One is an outstanding tablet — for some people. While it doesn’t stand up to every expert case, and artists would need to make an additional investment to make this a must-have tool, it still is a high-quality practice. It’s an outstanding tool for casual artists, readers, and note-takers. The pen is one of the finest I’ve worked to date.

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