Wacom Intuos Pro review

Wacom Intuos Pro – Best in Class 2023 Updated

Whether you are an illustrator, graphic designer, photo retoucher, or video editor, having a pleasant workspace and learned tools is requisite to fuel your creativity and fecundity.

At YES we are all fortunate rather spend plenty of time sketching and creating beautiful designs which have been more comfortable and possible with the use of Wacom tablets! When it comes to accurate photo editing, a tablet may be the device you never knew you seriously wanted.

Although the Wacom tablet has long been a preferred tool of graphic creators and digital experts, it’s also an outstanding piece of editing gear for artists.


Hardware Specifications of Wacom Intuos Pro
Pen sensitivity 8192+ Levels
Active Area 8.7” x 5.8”
Input Resolution 5080 LPI
Pen Battery operated
OS Support MAC OS 10.12 or later and Windows 7 or later
Battery Life Micro-USB, Bluetooth
Weight 1.5 lbs
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pro pen 2.
  • Wide area of operation.
  • Battery operated pen.
  • Costly.



The Wacom Intuos Pro is intended to reflect a large piece of paper. The user keeps the introduction of the tablet and how it will map to their computer screen and this gives it a big tool regardless of your computer setup or authoritative hand.

Wacom Intuos Pro design

On one side of the tablet, you will get eight customizable specific keys and the ring. The power switch and the touch functionality switch are placed on the side of the tablet near the express keys and the optional USB plugin is on the opposing edge of the tablet. Slender tablet design with the most condensed footprint in the Intuos Proline (10.6-inch x 6.7 inches) and an effective area of (6.3-inch x 3.9 inches) for anyone with a serious artistic passion but lacking in place.

Connectivity and Lag

The Wacom Intuos Pro works very well when used with the USB link, with no noticeable lag. Once you’ve installed the required drivers, you can just plug in and go. However, using wireless Bluetooth connectivity shows more challenges, with little lag seen, particularly when using the tablet for huge tasks.

Multi-Touch Surface

Wacom has taken its idea a step further, combining a multi-touch function with the Intuos Pro. This indicates that you can handle your tablet with your fingertips. While this doesn’t give accuracy, it does make the tablet like a large trackpad!

The way you practice touch users can also be personalized. If you visit the Wacom Desktop Center app, you can customize signs. and gestures. The tablet runs as you require it to.

If you don’t need the Multi-Touch Surface to be initiated, just flick the switch on the side and it will switch off.


Overall, I was overwhelmed by how sleek this tablet functioned despite its condensed size. I drew a self-portrait and saw virtually no lag in my strokes on the tablet and the image of those strokes in Photoshop. I nevermore once had to bother about a line catching up.

The ExpressKeys assisted heighten the knowledge of drawing. I could add my most-used to color pick, undo, and rotate functions, which suggested I seldom had to reach up to use a shortcut on my keyboard.


Wacom has continued to an effort to make their Intous Pro tablet product for you. Giving personalized innovations both internally and externally.

Wacom Intuos Pro cutomization

External Customization

A little touch, which I especially liked, was the choice to put a colored ring on your Wacom Pro Pen. It appears like a strange gesture but if you have various pens or work in a job with many Pro Pen users, it enables you to recognize your pen.

Another external custom characteristic is the capacity to adjust texture sheets. There are three types of sheets to choose from, standard, rough, and smooth. You have to purchase the texture sheets but they enable you to improve how the pen to tablet movement feels.

Internal Customization

The Wacom Intuos Pro gives a lot of power through the Wacom Desktop Center. You can customize the side buttons, express keys, on your Pro Pen, and any signs using the multi-touch interface.

Wacom Intuos Pro S pen

The Wacom Pro Pen 2, the stylus bundled with the Intuos Pro S, is a wonderful, useful, piece of equipment. Wacom has a past of producing styluses that do unbelievable jobs of simulating the feeling of painting on paper, and the Pro Pen 2 is absolutely no exception to this.

Wacom Intuos Pro pen

Built out of latex-free silicone rubber, the hold of the pen is smooth, but not slippery. The pen is lightweight and easy to hold and has two programmable switches on the side for comfortable access.

Wacom Intuos Pro S software and warranty

To utilize the Intuos Pro S to the most comprehensive of its capabilities, you must install the Wacom Desktop Center, which in change installs the tablet’s drivers for yourself. You can utilize this software to monitor your device’s battery percentage, adjust settings, backup perspectives, update drivers, and even access providers and the Wacom store.

Enrolling your device through this software will also give you passage to complimentary 2-month support to Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

Overall Ease of Use for Sketching Purposes

A key element of this Wacom Intuos Pro analysis is seeing how the design works when put to its proposed uses. Sketching, painting, and illustration are some of those uses. When sketching, the tablet works remarkably well with high precision.

Wacom Intuos Pro sketching

I use my tablet in Adobe Illustrator, and seldom, Adobe Photoshop. When using pressure-sensitive strokes, the tablet offers markings with the highest precision in pressure application. The motion runs easily, so you can see what you are making in near full real-time.

Editing Workflow

With your standard touchpad or mouse, it can be difficult to obtain high accuracy in your editing workflow. Few people may have found methods around this or received certain levels of tolerance to make the editing flawless. But the Wacom Intuos Pro takes all these obstacles away and makes it easy.

If you set up your express keys and radial pressure area to control elements like zooming in and out, and you are usually used brushes/tools, you should have no problems efficiently and swiftly getting through your workflow.


The Intuos Pro S does a fabulous job of balancing professional, compatible execution with compact packaging. And, with the bonus of Bluetooth capabilities, fretting about maneuvering an annoying cord becomes pointless. Editing and drawing become feasible from that tiny open spot on your table or while you’re sitting on the couch, grabbing up on your beloved shows.

This Graphics Tablet allows velocity and precision, making it an excellent tool for improving the performance of your editing workflow. With persistence, you’ll be getting high-quality edits in half the time you would give using a regular computer mouse.

My only bother with this bit of kit is the case that there is a notable lag when using it wirelessly. Other than that, it would be a great choice for someone seeking a good sketching, illustration, and editing workshop.

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