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Microsoft Surface Go Review In 2022

Here we have the new opponent in the field of the tablet which may bring the new evolution. This is Microsoft Surface Go the latest version, a low-cost detachable Windows-based device, and can be easily converted into a laptop. Windows lovers can easily get this for any reason. This is just a basic range device, if you want some more configuration then buy Surface Pro 5 or 6 which is just slightly above the $500.

In brief, it is smaller and also in the budget where you can experience the Windows platform on the tablet. Somehow processor may be much better but good enough, easily run every apps and function.

Microsoft Surface Go – Overview

From the outside, it’s the same as its previous version of the Pro series solid and stylish. Slightly round from the corner and provide more handgrip to the corner of the device. Its stand helps a lot to put it at any angle up to 165 degrees. Have both front and rear cameras fr smart users and photo lovers.

Microsoft Surface Go

Due to its stylish design, everyone looks so professional in this and also very comfortable for college and office users. Easy to put in bags and cause no weight at all. Supports a smart pen which can also use to draw or to write over it which is one of the best features of it so now you can utilize it in many other ways. But the only bad is its Surface Pen is not included with the set you have to buy it separately which costs you a few dollars more.


  • Screen- 10″ LCD 1800 x 1200 at 217 PPI
  • Processor- Intel Pentium Gold
  • RAM-  4/8 GB
  • Storage- 64/128 GB
  • Camera-  5MP Front and 8MP rear
  • Weight- 1.15lbs


Design is much better than another device of the same range. Weight is too normal of 1.15lbs, excellent stand and all, the overall design is good and Microsoft puts a lot of effort into it. Edges are fine and audience-friendly. Kids can easily go through this as the edges are quite more comfortable and easy to handle. The other version is also good at this point of view.

Microsoft Surface Go

No doubt this is made for the professional except its size, sometime there will be a disadvantage of it. The hinges are very durable can bend nearly 165-degree which gives a comfortable angle for a movie, drawing, and writing purposes. The USB-C port helps a lot for fast charging and data transfer, miscoSD port which can help to upgrade the storage according to the need of users. any other expensive tablets don’t have it and keep struggling to make work on it. One other port is also there to expand the screen to another device screen.

Display and Audio

The display is a 10″ LCD FHD display for every purpose, the intensity is better to see many things on the screen. Games also give a better experience of screen shine and crystal clearness.

Microsoft Surface Go

For audio, you have to miss the base and a few other small things like trance, etc. The screen ratio of 3:2 gives irritate some time while playing the video as the video shows on 16:9 accept ratio.

Battery life

Microsoft promises up to 9 hr of continuous use from the Surface Go. Yes, it is right in our testing the battery runs so well in every mode either in S-mode or simply in windows.

Microsoft Surface Go

Sometimes in our test after the rough usage battery lasts long for 7 hr only but is acceptable, due to the USB-C port the speed of charging is better than others.


Many other features are embedded in it like a detachable keyboard which can turn it into a laptop and a smart surface pen which can be used as a copy or drawing tablet too. Its processor makes it compatible with almost every app and better for day-to-day execution, at least the device can execute every app designed for Windows 10 natively without major issues.

Microsoft Surface Go

After all other discussions, we suggest a few pros and cons of Microsoft Surface Go:-

  • Design.
  • Graphic.
  • Display quality.
  • No pen included.
  • Weak processor.


Final Talk

The device is cool and you love to use a windows-based device then this is for it and best in this range you only have to buy a Pen to use it professionally. There are some other devices in the range of under $500 you can go through it before buying it or any other versions of Microsoft Surface go series.

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