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If you are looking out for the best tablets under 500 dollars, then my buyer’s guide is going to definitely help you with your search for tablets under $500.

I’ve been a gadget nerd since I was 12 and I’m gonna give you the best advice on choosing the right tablet device in a great budget of $500.

You can expect some of the best tablets that are available in the market if you have 500 dollars in your pocket.

In this blog, I’ll show you the best of the best tablets based on different requirements and use cases. So you don’t have to worry about anything because you’re going to get my best recommendations.

What are the Best Options?

Apple and Microsoft continue to compete with the best tablets rankings, which largely consist of Surface devices and iPads. The best tablet for most people is the iPad. It might not offer the same power as the Surface devices, or the portability of the iPad mini, but the size and price of the iPad mini are what will attract everyday consumers.

Here are some amazing tablets which you can buy for $500, without making a hole in your pocket.

List of Best Tablets Under $500 In 2023- My List

1. Apple iPad M1

The unique M1 silicon has greatly improved the internal hardware, and a 5G connection is available. A new 12MP front-facing camera that intelligently adjusts viewing angles to keep us in focus during video conversations is also included, and iPadOS 15.5 has an app ecosystem that is unmatched on Android.


Significant new features, including dynamic widgets and handwritten note detection, were introduced with iPad 14. The App Library, Focus mode, and redesigned Notification Center in iPadOS 15 expand on this by displaying pertinent notifications throughout the day.

ipad air m1 2022

I can quickly switch between Split View and a floating window called Slide Over thanks to a new multitasking menu.


Internal hardware represents the biggest improvement for the iPad Air M1. The new iPad Air is powered by the octa-core M1, which opens a completely new level of power, while its predecessor used the A14 Bionic.

That isn’t to suggest that the A14 Bionic is out-of-date or won’t pass muster in 2022; far from it. However, the M1 has significantly more headroom for growth. In the two months that I used it, I saw no problems, so that’s how it is right now.


The iPad Air M1 and iPad Air 2020 are identical in appearance. Both tablets share the same flat-sided design, which is also present on the iPad Pro.

Touch ID is integrated into the power button, and even with a case, it isn’t too cumbersome or bulky to operate on a daily basis at 1.02 pounds (462 grams).

Display 10.9‑inch Liquid Retina display with True Tone
Capacity 64GB, 256GB
Chip Apple M1 chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture with 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, Next-generation Neural Engine
Camera and Video 12MP Wide camera with Smart HDR 3 and 4K video recording at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps
Front Camera 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage and Smart HDR 3
Battery Life Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‑Fi or watching video; Up to 9 hours of surfing the web using cellular data network
Connector USB-C
  • Latest M1 apple processor with Neuron engine.
  • The cellular model gains 5G connectivity.
  • Bright 10.9-inch screen retina display.
  •  Charges through USB-C.
  • 60 Hz screen still.
  • Non-OLED display


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 line is an ambitious offering from Samsung, with a premium design and a brilliant screen that’s unlike any we’ve seen on Android tablets. A significant iPad rival, Android tablets need more app developer support.


Although it is pretty light—at 575 g for the Tab S7 Plus and 498 g for the Tab S7—you’d still want to carry it with two hands. It is also the tiniest tablet, measuring just 5.7 mm.

samsung gaalxy tab s7 plus

The tablet feels quite premium despite being light and thin. The tablet is rigid and feels high-end, especially with the brushed metal sides reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 4.


The Tab S7 has a 2560 x 1600 LTPS IPS LCD screen with the same 120 Hz refresh rate.

After using OLED, IPS-based tablets like the iPad Pro or the Huawei MatePad seem drab in comparison to the OLED screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

The screen’s 16:10 aspect ratio strikes a reasonable balance between enjoyment and productivity compared to an iPad, which has a 4:3 aspect ratio; watching Netflix or YouTube on 16:9 screen results in relatively minimal screen real estate loss.

Battery Life

The 10,090 mAh battery of the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is more significant than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s capacity. Given that the iPad Pro is thinner and smaller than the Tab S7 Plus, this is an astounding feat.

The Galaxy Tab S7 has a lower 8000 mAh battery, but you can still get good battery life from it because it doesn’t have an OLED screen.

  • Stunning OLED display.
  • Premium style.
  • Quickly performing
  • A single port.
  • Good tablet apps for Android are scarce.
  • High cost


3. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

When the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 debuted in 2019, it didn’t create the Windows tablet category; instead, it improved on a tried-and-true design by offering higher performance and including a USB Type-C connector.


The Surface Pro 7’s design has stayed the same as the model from the previous year, despite Microsoft’s recent addition of a USB-C port.

microsoft surface pro 7

The apparatus weighs 1.7 pounds and has dimensions of 11.5 by 7.9 by 0.33 inches (292 by 201 by 8.5 mm) (770 g). The matte black and silver aluminum finishes for the tablet also remain the same.


The Surface Pro 6 from 2018 had an Intel Core CPU with a 14nm transistor size, which was adequate for the purpose (and probably still is), but this CPU has reduced the transistor size to 10nm, allowing for more transistors in the same amount of CPU die area.

In essence, improved performance results from adding transistors, and the numbers support this.

Battery Life

We aren’t experiencing the same levels of battery life as the Surface Pro from the prior version with its 14nm Intel Core CPU. The 2018 Pro 6 achieved 8 hours and 45 minutes in our local battery rundown test, while the Surface Pro 7 fell more than two hours short in our tests.

The Surface Pro 7 fell short of the PCMark 8 battery test by more than 45 minutes, while the Pro 6 completed the test in 4 hours.

  • Strong battery life.Clear display.
  • A functioning kickstand
  • Keyboards are still sold separately.
  • Only two ports.
  • No support for thunderbolt


4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Out of Samsung’s series of premium tablets, the Galaxy Tab S8 is likely the best choice for most consumers. The 11-inch display is the perfect size for working on while still being manageable in one hand, and the specs are excellent despite the low cost.


Although this is still a full-size tablet and not a micro version, the 11-inch display is the smallest in the Tab S8 lineup. Although slightly thicker than the Ultra at 6.3mm, it is still fragile and light.

samsung galaxy tab s8

There is enough bezel around the screen for your thumb and fingers to rest, a critical tablet aspect, and the reason you don’t want an edge-to-edge screen here. The aluminum body’s squared-off sides make it easy to handle.


Because the panel still sports a 120 Hz refresh rate, you’ll enjoy the same advantages of slick animations and scrolling as its competitors.

Furthermore, even though it is an LCD, it is a nice LCD. The panel is still fantastic, even though it can’t quite match OLED’s intense blacks. The 2560 x 1600 resolution is detailed enough, and the colors are bold, bright, and brilliant.

Battery Life

A giant 8000mAh cell aids in the Tab S8’s respectable battery life. In our benchmark test, this produced instead an everyday tablet life—nothing noteworthy but nothing to be upset about.

If you use this as a business device continuously for a day, it should last through that, but if you only use it sometimes, the S8 should comfortably run for a few days.

  • Exemplary performance.
  • Vibrant and bright display.
  • Fantastic tablet cameras.
  • The display is LCD rather than OLED.
  • No charger is supplied.
  • It doesn’t offer 5G


5. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

We have the Microsoft product itself, this effective gadget comes with all the premium services provided by Microsoft so that you can do all your projects, tasks on time efficiently. Not only that, but the storage can also be expanded since it comes with a MicroSD slot.

It has a 12.3-inch widescreen which is a full HD multi-touch display for extraordinary display experience, with this amazing display you can watch all your favorite sitcoms and movies because with impressive display it also has impressive storage up to 256 GB SSD.

This tablet has another unique application unlike other tabs, in the Microsoft Surface 4, you can connect a mouse and also a projector! Isn’t it perfect for your projects and meetings? Yes, this is hands down the best tab from Microsoft that quite above budget.

Microsoft Surface 4-best tablet under budget

The design is much better than another device of the same range. Weight is too normal of 1.9 lbs, just like the other surface it has a more large screen 12.3″ to operate and quite heavy but the processor can make it feel light. excellent stand and all, the overall design is good and Microsoft puts a lot of effort into it. The USB-C port helps a lot for fast charging and data transfer-one of the best features in the tablets under 500$.

This tablet has another unique application unlike other tabs, in the Microsoft Surface 4, you can connect a mouse and also a projector! Isn’t it perfect for your projects and meetings? Yes, this is hands down the best tab from Microsoft that quite above budget. It operates on windows 10 professional with 8GB RAM and runs on life up to 7 hours. This tablet is especially known for its handy body so that travel with it easily.

For more details you can read our review on Microsoft Surface Pro 4 form our experts.

Hardware Specifications of Microsoft Surface 4 
Processor Intel Core i5-6300U 2. 4 GHz processor
Storage 128/256 GB
Display 12.3″ Full HD Touchscreen Display with 2736 x 1824 Resolution
Camera 8MP
Operating System Windows 10 Professional
Battery Life 7 hours
Weight 1.9 lbs


6. Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6″

Samsung’s Galaxy collection of the tablet is proven to be the finest available criteria in regards to the all-purpose strong tablet. The business has expanded the Galaxy collection of tablets and also have stuffed strong configuration to produce their tablets much more competent.

Samsung’s device is not that much cool as compared to its price and all but apart from this everything is sufficient in the range of 500$. Weight is low and easily hold in one hand. The no of ports is limited you will get a C-type connector for charging and a micro-sd port for expanding the storage up to 256GB and 3.5mm jack.

Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6″- tablet under 500 dollars

For the 10.6-inch Galaxy Book, a 1920 x 1280 resolution LCD panel, which is the same density as, say, a Full HD with some additional height. The processor may be disappointed, in this range, no one expects an m-3 processor in that type of tablet and not enough for the 10.6″ device.

As its processor is not that weak but it depends upon the uses of a particular user. This also runs its battery for a longer time.

For storage, the Galaxy Novel comes in 3 distinct versions 64GB / 128GB / 256GB. What’s more, also, it includes a removable keyboard and S-Pen to add-up additional attributes to the tablet computer.

For people who prefer a versatile machine that may be utilized as a notebook in addition to a tablet computer, the Samsung Galaxy Book is the best tablets under 500$ section.

Hardware Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6″
Processor 2.6 GHz core_m
Storage 64 GB SSD storage
Display 10.6″ Inch Retina display
Camera Rear- 2MP (Webcam)
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Battery Life 7-8 hours
Weight 1.42 lbs


7. Apple iPad Mini 4

Android is very flexible and cost-effective, it brings impressive services, right? But we cannot deny that iOS is any less. In terms of security, or camera qualities you cannot back down iOS, because of its brilliant performance and brand commitment.

The Apple iPad Mini 4 is a more diminutive, marginally less incredible iPad Air 2. That is essentially all you have to think about this tablet, the 7.9-inch screen model which has been accessible since October 2015.

I began plunking down with the Mini 4 once more, hefting it around consistently in my sack, perusing books on it – and in any event, utilizing it to accomplish work. The Apple iPad mini 4 comes with a 7.9-inch amazing retina display with a resolution of 2048 X 1536 pixels. This amazing tablet is powered by a dual-core A8 chip with quad-core graphics for the eye-catching graphics experience.

APPLE IPAD MINI 4-apple tablet under 500$

For all the photography lovers, the tablet has 8 megapixels I sight camera, which also captures HD videos! As we already know,  the camera quality game of iOS is always on point. This iPad brings 128 GB as storage and can be supported with a micros card too, based on your preference.

The Apple iPad Mini 4, similar to the iPad Air 2, has had a tad of thickness shaved off contrasted with its antecedent to make it significantly progressively versatile, and the weight is decreased in like manner.

The Apple iPad Mini 4 is down to 299g, from 331g, which makes it significantly simpler to slip into within pocket of a coat or stow away in a pack The iPad promises 10 hours of non-stop entertainment and comes with a sleek and classy body available in 3 colors.

For more details you can read our review on Apple iPad Mini 4 form our experts.

Hardware Specifications of Apple iPad Mini 4
Processor Apple A12 Chipset
Storage 128 GB
Display 7.9-inch Retina display with 2048 x 1536 Resolution
Camera Rear- 8 MP | Front- 5 MP
Operating System iOS 9, upgradable to iOS 11.4.1
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 0.65 lbs


8. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

This is Samsung’s one of the most selling tablet, and keeping in mind that not exactly as amazing as the Samsung Tab S6, it’s presumably better an incentive for cash – if your necessities aren’t that requesting and you need a very much fabricated Android tablet with a magnificent screen, the Samsung Tab S5e certainly stands apart as perhaps the best tablets under 500$ in 2023.

It is powered with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor along with Dual 2.0GHz + Hexa 1.7GHz CPU speeds up the tablet performance. Some other feature lets you separate personal and business data from one another and gives you a feeling of two phones in the segment of the best tablet under 400$.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E-tablet under 500$

Yet the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has enough for us to suggest it regardless of whether it is expected to be supplanted sooner rather than later. A hard tablet to beat as far as unadulterated value for money. It comes with a 2560 x 1600 high-resolution 10.5 inches AMOLED display with a 16:10 screen ratio.

The hues created are sufficient to appreciate recordings and mess around on it. The camera is basic 13 MP rear and 8 MP front which gives splendid photos and video but the quality may be better than this. As we know the camera quality of Samsung is far better than its other competitors.

Still want to know more? Read our review on Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e form our experts.

Hardware Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E
Processor Dual 2.0GHz + Hexa 1.7GHz
Storage 128 GB SSD storage
Display 10.5″ AMOLED Display
Camera Rear- 13MP | Front-8MP
Operating System Android 9.0
Battery Life 15 hours
Weight 0.88 lbs


9. Lenovo Flex 14

The Lenovo Flex 14 is a 2-1 convertible best tablets under 500 dollars PC that additionally bends over an enormous tablet. With a convertible 360-degree flip structure, you can switch between the two gadgets with no problem. Indeed, even with the big screen size, the tablet-cum-PC offers a runtime of as long as 9 hours.

The company does offer a lot of ultra-light laptops, but you’ll pay several hundred additional dollars for them. The Flex 14 doesn’t require many compromises from buyers, but there are some limitations in exchange for the model’s $450 price.

Lenovo Flex 14-lenovo tablet under $500

A glossy screen is surrounded by medium thickness bezels hidden beneath broad, shiny glass. The gadget likewise sports an i3 processor, which is very great for a tablet. The pivots are sufficiently tight with the goal that you don’t lose any grasp while in the PC mode.

This model has 2 speakers of 2W facing downward, though they give good sound experience and a clear voice. There isn’t really any bass response to note of, but the speakers aren’t tinny, either, offering a mostly neutral sound that is adequate for most purposes.

Hardware Specifications of Lenovo Flex 14
Processor Intel Core i3-8145U
Storage 128 GB Nvme SSD storage
Display 14.0″ Full HD Touch
Camera Rear- 2MP Webcam
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Battery Life 8 hours
Weight 3.52 lbs


10. Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible

The Chromebook R 13 from Acer is another incredible alternative for a convertible PC with a 13.3-inch full touch show and a MediaTek Quad-Core ARM processor. The 2-in-1 shrewd gadget offers around 12-hours of battery life alongside the Google Chrome Operating System.

Since this does not come fully in the categories of a tablet but if you fold it to 360 degrees it will turn to a tablet. This makes it quite heavy but it can be used as dual purposes. For commercial use, it satisfies all the needs of the corporate world. The screen is very adorable, glossy and millions of colors to display.

Acer Chromebook-2 in 1 under 500 dollars

Its outer shell is aluminum, which gives the R13 an authentic feel when the lid is closed. When you open you met with a plastic finish inside. This is a slight letdown because it removes the premium quality feel you get from the outside of the device.

The processor is average and you shouldn’t expect too much from the device under 500$. But still, the Acer R13 is still more than capable of day to day tasks such as internet surfing, word processing, and running many of the Android Apps.

The multi-contact screen makes it simple to explore between applications while utilizing it as a tablet. The gadget can basically be utilized in 4 modes, to be specific the scratch-pad mode, show mode (for mixed media watching), tent mode (for squeezed spaces), and tablet mode.

Hardware Specifications of Acer Chromebook R13
Processor MediaTek MT8173C
Storage 32 GB eMMC storage
Display 13.3″ AMOLED Display
Camera Rear- 13MP | Front-8MP
Operating System Chrome OS
Battery Life 12 hours
Weight 3.28 lbs

Is it important to get a tablet in the $500 range?

The answer to this question is quite tricky. With $500 tablets you may get a lot of better options to have a device or customize the device according to your need and requirement. The tablet in this range is good enough for every kind of need and also gives as many hardware specs for games, offices, and homes.

One of the most important things is you mostly have a tablet with a keyboard and stylus too for better functionality and reliability.

Below the tablet under 500$ you get can everything but ask yourself – Are you satisfied with this? Maybe the answer is yes but that only because you already buy the wrong device. We didn’t say that the costlier is better, so you can also switch to the other range of devices too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best artist tablet under $500?

We consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E as the most powerful and versatile tablet, in the budget, and portable.

  • What is the best 10-inch tablet under 500?

After reviewing many of the tablets of 10-inch at $500, we recommend Microsoft Surface Go as the best device under 500$.

  • Are there any tablets under $500 that can handle multitasking and heavy usage?

For those looking for a 2-in-1 tablet with excellent performance at a reasonable price, the Nexus 7 16GB and the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet make excellent alternatives. You will experience Android on these tablets in its most stock and seamless form.

  • What are the main features to look for when choosing a tablet under $500?

The essential characteristics to search for The following are the crucial factors to take into account while choosing a tablet under $500: solutions for networking and connection, battery life for tablets, and What types of CPUs do tablets have?

  • Are there any tablets under $500 that have a good-quality of build and design?

The Huawei MatePad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 are luxury devices that are designed for work. Both include a sleek, slim, and light design as well as an optional stylus and keyboard.

  • Can I find a tablet under $500 with a large display and high resolution?

The iPad mini is a fantastic way to get started with the Apple experience. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is a sizable 12.4-inch tablet with a gorgeous Super AMOLED display and an 1800 x 1752 pixel resolution. With a 7.9-inch Retina display that is ideal for reading and web browsing, it is strong, reasonably priced, and simple to use.

  • Is there any tablet under $500 that is suitable for gaming or graphic design?

A drawing tablet with exceptional performance and a great balance of features is the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium. Additionally, the Acer Aspire 5 offers respectable power at a reasonable cost.

  • Is there any 2-in-1 tablet option that can be used as a laptop as well?

Excellent convertible laptops with a detachable keyboard are essentially ChromeOS or Windows 11 tablets. I have included products like the Lenovo Duet Chromebook and the Surface Pro 8, which perform better as tablets but are still usable in laptop mode.

  • Are there any tablets under $500 that have additional features such as a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition?

The tablets with additional features, such as a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition, that cost less than $500 include the Apple iPad Pro M2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+.


Final Words

Our decision for every one of these tablets is, that you will discover probably the best tablets under 500 dollars. A portion of the tablets allows you to take notes, draw pictures and portraits, add demonstrable skill to the introductions, and add amusement to your preferred pictures with its computerized pen and remote console.

Some are extremely solid in preparing that suits game lovers. You need to contemplate your exploration completely to locate the best out of it.

You can also check other budget tablets if these best tablet under $500 doesn’t fit in your pocket.

$200 Tablet, $300 Tablet, $400 Tablet.

Ben Scott is a prominent technology journalist and reviewer, specializing in tablet devices. He is known for his comprehensive and unbiased reviews of tablets from various manufacturers.
With a deep understanding of tablet technology, including hardware components, operating systems, and software applications, Scott provides clear and informative reviews accessible to readers of all levels of technical expertise.
His attention to detail and in-depth analysis have earned him a loyal following of readers.

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