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splitting and moving keyboard on ipad

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iPad is a multipurpose tablet that can be used for various purposes. It’s likely your iPad will bring up its virtual keyboard to send a note or email, regardless of whether you’re a writer or an accountant. Although it’s convenient, using it can be frustratingly awkward.

Due to this, you could consider buying a physical keyboard attachment that gives you a more traditional laptop-style experience, such as the Magic Keyboard from Apple. Additionally, you can still use the built-in software version as long as you know how to make it work according to your preferences. We’ll show you how to split and manipulate your iPad’s keyboard to provide you with the best typing experience.

How to split the keyboard?

On a typical day, you probably use an iPad for several tasks. You can see a widescreen viewing area, which is ideal for watching movies, browsing the web, or creating digital art. Holding the tablet and typing simultaneously is cumbersome when using the keyboard to add text. Splitting the keyboard can solve this problem. Could you find out how to do it?

split keyboard in ipad

You can bring up the keyboard by tapping into any text field within iPadOS or an app.
Touch and hold the keyboard icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen until you see a menu appear above it.

You can split the screen by sliding your finger.

The half-width setup is equally valuable for landscape and portrait orientations. Separating the keyboard also undocks it, which means it is no longer docked at the bottom of the screen. The interface can be moved up and down on the screen by lightly tapping and dragging the keyboard icon.

By clicking the traditional keyboard icon, you can switch back to the traditional keyboard at any time. If you choose Dock and Merge, you will return to the standard keyboard arrangement. The keyboard can also be dragged toward the bottom of the screen until it automatically merges and locks into place. This splitting feature is unavailable on the 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

How to unlock the keyboard?

You can undock the entire keyboard in one piece if you prefer to move around an intact keyboard. The process is very similar to splitting the keyboard.

You can bring up the keyboard by tapping into any text field within iPadOS or an app.

Hold down the keyboard icon at the bottom-right of the screen until a menu appears above it.

To unlock, slide your finger to the Undock option.

When detached, lightly tap and hold the keyboard icon to move the entire keyboard up and down the screen. Alternatively, you can convert an undocked, split keyboard into this complete version by selecting the Merge option after long-pressing the lower-right keyboard icon. On the other hand, you can split an undocked, full keyboard in the same manner.

The process of switching back to a regular keyboard is the same as turning off the split feature. The Dock can be selected from the keyboard icon’s menu or dragged to the bottom of the screen. On iPad Pro tablets, the entire keyboard cannot be unlocked.

How to float the keyboard?

You can use the floating keyboard with iPadOS if running that operating system. The form factor is small; it’s similar to your iPhone’s keyboard. Its moveable form can be positioned almost anywhere on the screen.

float keyboard on ipad

  • Click on the floating keyboard just like you would do with the others.
  • You can bring up the keyboard by tapping into any text field within iPadOS or an app.
  • In the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap and hold the keyboard icon until a menu appears above it.

Slide your finger over the Floating option.

You can also turn it on pretty intuitively. You can bring up the iPad’s keyboard by tapping anywhere in any text field. Pinch anywhere on the keyboard area with two fingers to shrink the interface into the floating version. Moving the keyboard is as simple as placing your finger on the bottom bar and dragging it in any direction. You can restore the total size of the screen by pinching outward or dragging the keyboard to the bottom of the screen.

Another feature of the miniature keyboard is that it allows you to swipe like an iPhone to type. A finger slide across the letters in desired words reveals impressively accurate text. With this feature, you can quickly add short bits of text on the fly without changing your typing position.

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