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You decide to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tablet for your school or workplace in order to improve your note-taking efficiency. As you proudly use your Android tablet, one day a friend or colleague asks you to share a specific section of your notes. Of course, you can send them an entire document. However, wouldn’t it make more sense to screenshot a specific section that considers their inquiry?

All of this sounds good in theory, but what if you aren’t even sure if your tablet is capable of doing something like this? At some point or another, we’ve all been there. There are so many types of Samsung and Android tablets, each with their own unique features, that it is no wonder that one might get confused. The following article will show the most popular ways of taking a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Tablet or any other Android tablet.

screenshot on tablet

What are Screenshots?

In the early days of portable smart-devices, screenshots were common. It is possible to take a screenshot by pressing certain buttons on your mobile device or tablet at the same time or by using a special app that enlarges the image captured by the device’s screen.

What are the steps for taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet?

On the Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, you can take a screenshot in two ways:

  1. Screen capture option based on gestures built-in.
  2. Capture a screenshot by pressing this combination of buttons.

Because this Samsung tablet is quite advanced, you can take a screenshot using hand gestures. In order to do so, turn on the gesture-based screenshot mode.

  • Go to Settings first;
  • Locate the Advanced features;
  • Click on the Motions and gestures option;
  • In the final step, click on the Palm swipe to capture.

Samsung Tablet sensors may not be able to read hand gestures as smoothly, so you may need to repeat your hand gestures several times to take a screenshot. This might become quite annoying quite fast. But you can also take a screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet using another method. It’s as simple as this:

Step1: Look for the Power and Volume down buttons on the Samsung tablet. (The buttons can both be found on the right hand side of the tablet)

Step2: Taking a screenshot is as simple as pressing them both together at the same time.

On any Samsung tablet, how do you take a screenshot?

However, what if your Samsung tablet is in a different model – how will you take a screenshot then? Since the first Samsung tablet was released, it has been possible to take screenshots by pressing certain button combinations. Those combinations of buttons have already been covered.

  • If your Samsung tablet does not have a Home button, you can take a screenshot by pressing the Volume down and Power buttons at the same time.
  • Nevertheless, if you have a Samsung tablet with a Home button, you need to press the Home button together with the Power button to take a screenshot on such a Samsung tablet. Try pressing the Home button and the Volume down button if that doesn’t work.
  • After you take a screenshot on the Samsung tablet, it will be stored in your gallery folder, where all your images are stored. On that page, you can organize your screenshots, edit them, share them with your friends, or delete old ones.

How do you take a screenshot on an Android tablet?

That’s fine, but what if you do not own a Samsung tablet? Here’s how you can take a screenshot on an Android tablet from a different manufacturer. Following are a few tips that will help anyone using a tablet running Android OS.

We are basically left with only one option in such a scenario: to find an Android app that would allow us to take a screenshot on our Android tablet:

  • Step1: You must have WiFi or cellular data turned on to access Google Play on your Android tablet.
  • Step2: Click on the search bar and type in “Screenshot“.
  • Step3: Choose one app you like and install it (You can try several apps and delete those you don’t like.)
  • Step4: On your Android tablet, take screenshots with the app that you have chosen.

Note: . Depending on your app, you can take screenshots of your Android device using different functionalities and methods. Make sure that you carefully read the app descriptions and user reviews before downloading any app.

The following methods are the most popular ways for you to take a screenshot on Samsung and Android tablets.

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