How to Choose Best Tablet For UI/UX Design In 2024?

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Looking for a tablet that fulfills your UI/UX design needs? You are looking at the exact article that will guide you to choose the perfect tablet. Let me mention that you should keep in mind about the certain features which also play a part in deciding whether to buy or not to buy a tablet.

The features that one should specifically consider for UI/UX design include pencil support, the operating system, and how the tablet is integrated into its manufacturer’s ecosystem.

Every UI and UX designer has different needs. Thus, I must mention some important features in detail, so that you can get a more clear idea on what you should look for your work.

Without any further delays lets see get to know about those.

Screen size

Tablets have a two way relationship with their screen size. Having a bigger screen can make you more productive, on one hand. On the other hand, you have lots of room to zoom in. UI and UX designers need a lot of space to use their tools, so it is an important aspect for them to consider.

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But there is one disadvantage, however. The bigger the screen you opt for, portability will take a hit. Larger screen size translates to heavier and more expensive tablets. Due to this, tablets are harder to take along when traveling and are less accessible to UI and UX designers on a lesser budget.

I would recommend you to get a tablet with a screen size around 11 inches which would make sure that you get enough space to complete your tasks without sacrificing the portability of a light-weight tablet. Generally, tablet screens have a screen size ranging from 9 to 13 inches. In my opinion, 11 inches of screen gives a nice middle ground here.


I should mention that storage capacity of a tablet is crucial and with each passing year, cameras produce better photos that require more disk space. In the same way, your tools are also crucial to your success as an UI or UX designer. Saying this with my experience, you will find your file sizes increasing as time passes. For example you can consider a recent UX design project that you worked on and I would suggest you ponder about the fact approximately how many gigabytes of space did it require?

Tablets with starting prices do not offer what brands advertise in terms of storage options. Most of the times, these prices include just the basic storage options and adding more storage to your tablet could increase its price by hundreds of dollars.

This is something to keep in mind when you need more storage. Some big tablet providers also offer cloud based storage options. An example of this is Apple’s iCloud storage. You are charged a monthly fee for a couple of gigabytes of online storage.

Cloud based storage options aren’t too expensive and in my opinion they are the best option. It is better to purchase the inexpensive cloud storage service that will save you money over upgrading to a tablet with more storage. Although initially, the monthly fee is the more economical option, but in the long run, the tablet with more storage becomes the winner. By the time you get to this moment, you will probably have already replaced your tablet.

Operating system

I think aside from hardware specifications, there are other factors to consider when determining the perfect tablet for UI and UX design. One of those factors is the operating system.

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A tablet’s operating system is a crucial feature to determine the tablet’s ability to integrate with it’s manufacturer’s ecosystem. But it is totally upon you to select what operating system you want to use based on your preferences.

It’s important to make sure that the tablet one chooses works well with the other devices. Does your current computer use Windows or MacOS? You’ll probably be most happy with a tablet that also runs Windows if you own a Windows PC or you can opt for an iPad if you already have a Mac at your workplace. Any device from Apple, Samsung, or any other mainstream manufacturer follows the same rules as I stated.


You will be able to find a bunch of accessories that are available with tablets which will help you to be more productive, if you are an UI or UX designer.

A pencil, like the Apple Pencil or Microsoft Surface Pencil, is needed to draw or sketch if you want to be more creative. You can use these digital pencils with your compatible tablet just like you use regular pencils on paper. They are a great asset for any kind of designer. Also I would recommend you to get an external Bluetooth keyboard if you do a lot of writing work. This would enable any designer to work more efficiently.

According to me pencils are an absolute necessity if you are an UI and UX designer meanwhile Keyboards are optional. You can choose to buy one if you prefer not to miss out on the accessory front.

What UX design tablets are suitable for your daily usage?

So, if you put all these specifications together, the best UX design tablet will include the following specs. Do not worry about them being connected to a tablet or two for you to examine.

● A screen size of about 11 inches.
● A standard storage plan with supplemental cloud storage.
● A digital pencil for you to sketch and draw.
● An operating system that works with your other devices.

Your tablet should have the support for a pencil adding to its features list. With the Surface Pro tablet, you can get the Surface Pen as well as the support for external Bluetooth keyboards. Same goes for the Apple iPad where you get the support for Apple Pencil.

● In the case of the iPad, I suggest the iPad Pro 12.9 inch with 256 GB internal storage. This model meets all of the requirements that I mentioned before.
● You should go for the Surface Pro if you want a Windows tablet. The screen size is 12 inches and the 8GB of RAM is available in the tablet.


So, congratulations on reaching the end of my article on tablets for UI/UX design.

Tablets are a wonderful piece of technology. Day by day they are getting better and now-a-days some of them are even capable of replacing your laptops. Tablets are an essential gadget for UI/UX designers. This all started about a decade ago when Apple launched their iPad and from that time tablets started gaining momentum.

With tech giants like Microsoft and Samsung releasing tablets every year, tablets have become very popular. It is now time to upgrade to a tablet and I can guarantee you that it is far better than using a laptop for your UI/UX Design work.

I hope that I have helped you in guiding through the essential features for a tablet that would fit your requirements.

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