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Editing pictures, creating designs, or just letting out the creative side of you is chaotic using a mouse, isn’t it? For me, using the computer mouse is okay for checking my email or routinely browsing the internet, but when I’m editing pictures or making designs, I want to be more accurate and precise in strokes and have greater cursor control. These are the kinds of situations where owning a graphics tablet is not just useful, but also saves time and unnecessary effort.

You wouldn’t need an expensive or extravagant graphic tablet for these basic advantages. Though many expert designers utilize high-end models, the budget-friendly segment isn’t less. All you need to get the task done is a graphics tablet. A graphics tablet like the GAOMON S620 can help ease your design and experience with graphics.

gaomon s620 surface

With the GAOMON S620 graphics tablet, any digital artist can work with greater accuracy, comfort, and flexibility on a computer, laptop, or even an Android smartphone. This graphics tablet is ideal for use with programs based on sketching, painting, or designing.

Additionally, you may use the S620 tablet for other programs and applications when you need to write with the stylus pen since you can control your computer’s cursor with the accompanying battery-free pen. Osu, a free rhythm game, and other games are also compatible with the S620 as the website claims. Both Windows and MacOS can be used with the GAOMON S620 making it worthwhile to invest in.

Product Specifications

While buying a tablet it is essential to note what features you need and check if the tablet provides them or not. This is why I will mention the specifications of your Gaomon S620. Read on to get an idea about the look, feel, and usability of the tablet. 

gaomon s620 dimension

It has dimensions of 21.08 x 17.4 x 0.79 cm and weighs just 0.27 kgs. The size of its screen or display is adequate and you get a drawing area of 5” x 3.2”. Its screen resolution is a good 1920 x 1080 (16:9) and the screen display size: ‎8.3 inches. While buying a tablet, it is important to note the pen pressure as well. In the AP32 Battery-free Pen you get a pen pressure of 8192 levels with the lack of tilt support. You also get 4 customizable express buttons. The compatible devices are Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS 6.0 or later.

The Gaomon S620 can be used for the following purposes:

  • Official and Educational purposes

The GAOMON S620 pen tablet can be used for online education and remote meetings. It works with most online meeting programs, like Zoom, Google Meet and so on.

  • By artists and designers for creating digital art

Not only is it suitable for beginners, but also for professionals in digital drawing, sketching, graphics design, 3D artworks and animation, etc. Even you can also make money with digital art.

  • For annotation and signature

You can sign and write in software such as excel, word, pdf, ppt, etc.

  • For playing rhythm games

The Gaomon S620 provides a seamless gaming experience for rhythm games like OSU.

Features Of the Gaomon S620

1- Compatibility

OS Compatibility: The tablet is compatible with Windows OS 7/8/10 or above and mac 10.12 or above. Android compatibility: It works with android devices with a 6.0 or above system that supports OTG function. However, you will need to buy extra USB Adapters for Android. It works with free programs like Krita, FireAlpaca, gimp, medibang, etc. Or even paid software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe after effects, sai version 2, clip studio paint, Sketchbook pro, Lightroom, etc.

gaomon s620 usage

2- Humanized Design

The Gaomon S620 has dimensions of 21.08 x 17.4 x 0.79 cm and weighs just 270 grams making it super portable and lightweight. This makes it easy to be carried around in laptop bags to your workplace, school or travel. However, being an adequate size it is also big enough for digital painting, handwriting, playing games and animation design-related works. It has a work area of 6.5*4 Inches when used with computers and 4*2.4 Inches when using Android phones.

Its feature of having 44 rubber feet is created to ensure the stability of the tablet and prevent it from slipping.

The tablet is made of plastic which I expected to be of a cheap quality keeping in mind the price of the tablet. However, to my surprise, the plastic that is used is good and the tablet is sturdy. You also get four round rubber pads on each of the four corners. This provides a better grip on smooth surfaces.

3- Battery-Free Pen

The stylus pen provided with Gaomon S620 is the Artpaint AP32. It weighs 12 grams and has an 8192 Level Pen Pressure. It also has a 266 PPS report rate. This refers to the information transfer rate between the computer and the graphics tablet. So, in theory, there is less lag the higher the PPS speed.

gaomon s20 pen

I believe the average PPS is around 200, therefore the 266 PPS of this graphics tablet meant that I barely observed any lag. In addition, 5080 LPI resolution + 10mm pen reading height  + 6.5*4 inches active area. You are also provided with 8 replacement nibs along with your tablet along with the free will of enabling/disabling the nibs.

In addition, the front half of the stylus has a silicon material that provides a better grip, especially on sweaty fingers.

4- Express Keys

To simplify and streamline your process, you can assign shortcuts to the S620’s four programmable Express keys. Having access to these shortcuts can help you organize your work. Programming the Express keys was not that difficult. The settings for the tablet and pen can be accessed by clicking the GAOMON desktop icon. The Express keys can be assigned there. Additionally, there appear to be a lot of possibilities for executable actions, ranging from keyboard shortcuts to multimedia options.

gaomon s620 device - gaomon s620 review

Given that many other graphics tablets I’ve seen in this price range lack Express keys, these Express keys were a wonderful bonus. However, I’d mention one thing that I found lacking was that the GAOMON graphics tablet does not offer touch features. This means that there is no ability to use any kind of gesture like pinch and zoom, scroll, or swipe. This is one feature that I found wanting for myself and other users.

Unfortunately, the pen buttons and the Express keys didn’t work when connected to a smartphone or tablet. I think it would have been a great add-on if they did. We can hope that an update might do that for us soon enough. Also, keep in mind that you need to keep your phone in Portrait mode rather than Landscape mode. This way lets the Active Area covers the whole screen.


Getting started with your Gaomon S620

The Gaomon S620 may easily be connected to a computer/laptop. Installing the driver is the first step, and Gaomon’s website offers it for free. You are also provided with a guide for the same. You also get an option to download the Mac drivers or Windows so choose the one you’re using.

Once you’re done downloading, a desktop icon should appear with the Gaomon logo. Clicking on it opens the driver menu.

Then, after connecting the tablet’s micro-USB connector and computer’s USB-A connector, you are all set and ready to go.

If you are still wondering, I’ll tell you that the cable’s length is 160 cms (5.2 feet).

What is a driver in Gaomon?

The driver enables you to change complex settings like mapping the tablet, creating shortcut buttons, and stylus pressure sensitivity. The computer and the drivers’ communication allows for a better understanding of the tracking and pressure data. However, the driver does not let you set the buttons on the stylus to switch between a pen and an eraser, which is the only feature I noticed lacking in it.

It should be noted that you need to install the driver on Windows and Mac computers for your tablet for it to function.

The only case in which you can do without installing the driver is if you’re planning to use the Gaomon S620 with Android-powered devices.

Since these things could be confusing to a newcomer, keep with the default settings. However, I still advise you to utilise the hotkeys right away because doing so will greatly increase your productivity down the road.

Once you’ve finished setting everything up, click Apply to start using the tablet at will.

gaomon s620 stand

How to connect the Gaomon S620 with your Android device?

Connecting Your Phone to the Gaomon S620

The Gaomon S620 pen tablet supports Android, thus you can connect an Android phone to it if it is compatible. It is simple to set up using a mobile device. It is completely plug-and-play and runs without the aid of any drivers.

Attach the USB adapter that was included in the box with your phone, then use the included micro USB cord to connect the S620 to your phone. You may now begin drawing right on your Android phone using your tablet.

Keep in mind that if you mapped your phone’s screen to the tablet, the tablet’s active area would be smaller. The tablet’s and pen’s buttons will also be inactive.

Pros and Cons of the Gaomon S620 Graphics Tablet

  • The best and most important advantage that I find about Gaomon S620 is its affordability.
  • Another advantage is that it has a scratch-resistant surface.
  • Extra pen nibs and nib remover tool: After a few months of continuous usage, you will notice that the nibs of the stylus will start getting worn out. For that, the Gaomon S620 comes with 8 extra Pen nibs. A nib remover tool is also included in the box that makes it easier to change the nibs and is a good deal.
  • The 4 Shortcut buttons: Gaomon’s driver allows you to create application-specific shortcuts. With this, you can have different shortcuts for photoshop and Krita.
  • Android compatibility: Your Gaomon S620 can also be connected to your smartphone which makes it usable for an ever wider audience.
  • Left-hand Mode: You can select 180-degree rotation inside GAOMON Driver to set left-hand mode.
  • Gaomon should have included a pen holder. It becomes impossible to use a tablet without a pen holder to keep it safe and in place when you put it down on the table. Gaomon did try to make up for it with a pen case but it just isn’t as convenient.
  • Touch to pinch and zoom feature is another thing I really wish was possible in the Gaomon S620.
  • Bluetooth for wireless connectivity is another aspect I found lacking here.
  • No eraser at the end of the stylus.
  • No pen tilt sensitivity.
  • Awkward button placement for left-handers.

The Gaomon S620 had a technical drawback that I noticed: its Initial Activation Force (IAF). This is the pressure with which you must press the pen on the screen for a stroke to be recorded. The ideal value should be as low as possible because this makes the drawing much more responsive and pleasant.

Sadly, the Gaomon S620 has a higher IAF, thus occasionally you have to press firmly to detect a real click. As you can see, this might become inconvenient when working on more important assignments or just be irritating at times. However, as a novice, you might not pay much attention to the high IAF if this is your first experience with a Graphics Tablet.



If you’re just starting with pen tablets, I would highly recommend this as I personally used it to create animation videos for my YouTube channel and it worked up to my expectations for the price I paid.

What I liked was that you can contact Gaomon at any time if you experience any problem utilizing it. For any tech support or post-purchase assistance or query, you can do the following:

  • send a message from your Amazon purchase
  • or write a message on the GAOMON website.

From what I’ve heard, they do respond within 24 hours and provide assistance in the best, most effective, and timely manner that they possibly can.

Consider purchasing this fantastically performing Gaomon s620 if you’re seeking an affordable, simple-to-use pen tablet.

Yes, it’s worthwhile to invest in. The tablet’s grip and battery-free pen are two of my favorite aspects of its performance.

It’s easy to use; just download the Gaomon driver from the company’s website and connect the pen tablet to your computer or laptop (Windows or Mac). Even functions on your mobile device, and the best part is that you don’t need to download any drivers to get started—just connect using the supplied OTG cable. Do get your hands on the Gaomon S620!

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