Can a laptop or an iPad Pro be better for taking notes?

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Have you been looking for a good note-taking device? You may end up with more problems than solutions if you pick the wrong product. We will therefore be comparing the iPad Pro vs. a laptop today to see which is better.

The iPad is a well-known and widely used back-to-school device that offers a multitude of note-taking features. Besides supporting Apple Pencil, the keyboard attachment is very easy to use, and it is lightweight enough to take anywhere.

By contrast, laptops are more bulky and heavier and generally lack stylus support, making them unwieldy for note-taking. Although, they have long battery lives, can handle a lot more productivity tasks, and have a better keyboard. Now what should you buy? You might want to take a look at the comparison below to help you make your choice.

iPad Pro versus Laptop: Which one should I choose for taking notes?

In the battle for the best note-taking device, the iPad Pro has a slight advantage, as both devices have their pros and cons. Taking notes using the iPad has a lot of benefits over laptops, mainly because of the overall flexibility you get.

Despite the fact that laptops are often the primary typing machine for many people, they have their place. iPads, however, are better suited to taking notes at meetings or during classes. Check out these points for more information.

iPad for notes taking

Consider getting an iPad Pro if:

Taking quick notesThis is for anyone who needs something similar to a notebook for quick notes. The notepad is ideal for classes and professional meetings.

Support of Apple Pencil – Apple Pencil works with iPads. The stylus allows you to write on the screen like on paper, so that you can quickly compose text on the screen.

Mobile and Flexible – Since iPads are light and portable, you’ll be able to take them anywhere, without worrying about a backpack, and they won’t take up much space when you’re using them.

Batteries that last all day – iPad batteries also last a long time, so you can run them for hours on end without worrying about running out. Be careful to not overtax the battery, however, because you’ll want to keep it as long as possible.

Taking handwritten notes – . The iPad can be helpful if you take notes with your hands and you’d like an easier way to manage them. There are several great apps, including notability and goodnotes.

Laptop for notes takings

Get a Laptop if:

Type with Precision Laptops are perfect for typing. A laptop provides you with a full-sized keyboard with excellent physical keys. It would be helpful if you were writing a long document, essay, novel, etc. I’d suggest that you use a laptop instead.

Productivity-orientated – Laptops are more productive because iPads do not have the power of laptops. You need a laptop if you need portability and power for all your professional apps.

Additional Screen Real Estate – Last but not least, extra screen space should never be overlooked. An engineering student will benefit from a larger screen, which makes it ideal for staying productive all day long.
Is there anything that an iPad can do that a laptop can’t?

There is a lot to consider when buying an iPad. Tablets offer a very different experience than laptops. As a comparison, here are some benefits an iPad has over a laptop if you’re trying to make a choice and need some information:

Better Support for applications – App support and optimization has always been a strong point for Apple devices. On laptops, however, you do not get the same level of support. On the iPad you can find many note-taking apps that are excellent, but you might have trouble finding one for your laptop.

iPad with Touchscreen and Apple Pencil – As an added bonus, iPads can be used with the Apple Pencil, a beautiful stylus with which to draw and take notes. There are touchscreen laptops available, but you’ll have a hard time writing on them. Compared to writing on paper, writing on an iPad feels natural and smooth.

Easy to Use – Compared with laptops, iPads are also more portable and easier to use. With no power bricks or bag to carry, you can bring it anywhere. Apple iPads generally last longer than laptops because they are built tough.

Versatility –  Similarly, iPads can be used in many different ways. Movies can be watched, ebooks can be read, emails can be typed and so much more. Thus, if you’re a casual user who values versatility, getting an iPad makes much more sense.

Better Value for Money – . Last but not least, iPads are also significantly cheaper and provide a better value than laptops. The move towards stronger hardware, like the M1 chip on the new iPad Pro, hints at Apple’s goal of bringing more laptop-like features to the iPad, which will make it an ideal laptop replacement or at least an alternative to a


You can use a tablet if you don’t need a lot of power and only use casual apps, do note-taking, stream movies, and play some games. Get an iPad if that’s what you do, but if you need to code or need professional hardware and software and plan to play AAA Games at good graphics go for a laptop instead.
That being said, we have reached our conclusion and hope that you have chosen your note-taking device accordingly.

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