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Are you looking for an OSU tablet? If yes, then we are here to help you. We have got the best OSU tablets for you to buy today.

OSU tablets are fun, They are a great choice if you want to have better control than a mouse. If you use a drawing tablet then these best OSU tablets will surely help you.

We have some of the best drawing tablets for beginners that you might consider buying for your drawing work if you are a beginner.

In this guide, We will help you to buy the best OSU tablet for you. We have listed all the popular OSU tablets in this list, based on the reviews, recommendations, and opinions of various graphic artists.

Though, You know we always try to give more value to our readers in the form of best tablet reviews and buying guides.

Features essential for OSU Tablet:

Absolute tracking

Good OSU Tablets have this absolute tracking feature that can save your time. It is different from the relative tracking which you have in your mouse. This will help you to move the cursor to a new location instantly.

Active area

It would help if you had the OSU tablet with a larger active area to control the designs and structures better.

More minor is better in this aspect.

Parallax and Response time

It is also an essential feature if you are looking for an OSU tablet. Every great artist NGOs for the Tablet that has a lower response time and parallax effect. Here in this blog post, We’ll be helping you with all the OSU tablets with the best response time and parallax effect.

List of 10 Best OSU Tablet For You In 2023-

Best OSU Tablets – Active Area
Veikk S640 V2 6″ x 4″
Gaomon S56K 6.2″ x 4.3″
Wacom Intuos CTL 6100WLKO 8.5″ x 5.3″
One By Wacom 6.0″ x 3.7″
Huion H430P OSU 4.8″ x 3″
Gaomon S620 6.58″ x 4″
Huion H420 OSU 4″ x 2.3″
XP-PEN G640 6″ x 4″
Gaomon OSU Pad 6″ x 5″
Huion 420 OSU 4″ x 2.23″

1. VEIKK S640 V2

The VEIKK S640 was packaged in a compact box with the tablet, a tablet pen, user guides, spare nibs, and a nib tool. For the price, this tablet is reasonably practical. As I prefer a larger workspace when using my PC, I use this primarily with my phone.

This sketching tablet’s sleek and tiny appearance is something I adore. It is compact and thin and is supplied with a USB cord. It will be ideal for my travels.

veikk s640 v2

Although the smaller size may look like a smaller workspace, I don’t experience any limits when utilizing one that is smaller in size. Because it maintains a simple appearance without shortcut buttons, and because I don’t use them as frequently, I enjoy that.

The pen has excellent sensitivity; it is gentle while sketching and feels smooth. Eight pen nibs are included, which is a nice number in case one needs to be changed. I enjoy that it comes with extra pen nibs and a compact case. Anyone looking for a cheap tablet with essential features should try it.

The configuration for the pressure sensitivity is also straightforward to handle. Installation is precise; the drivers are easy to get. Although it works well as a mouse or web browser, it is also compatible with most software, including Paint Tool and Photoshop, which are my primary working tools.

  • Reasonably Priced.
  •  Compact Size.
  • Versatile features
  • No Express Keys.
  • Not enough to serve as a single drawing pad for the majority of artists.


2. Gaomon S56K

The Gaomon S56K is a budget-friendly graphics tablet designed for digital artists and designers. Due to its excellent graphics, the tablet is known for being one of the best OSU tablets. However, they still need to improve at playing games.

Although the manufacturer specifies a report rate of 250 “PPS,” the Gaomon S56k’s tested polling rate is 440 Hz (pic), compared to the Wacom CTH-480’s 129 Hz. Overall, the tablet feels incredibly speedy and accurate. Similar to the 480, there is a noticeable amount of lag.


The surface is made of a thin, malleable plastic akin to a notebook’s front and back covers. Without a secure base, the tablet moves around a lot, but it is simple to tape it down to stop it from moving. Since the tablet has no sharp edges, it is very comfortable to put your hand there while playing.

Compared to the fluid Wacom 480 surface, the tablet’s surface is perfect for dragging on since it offers more resistance and feel. The default pen is much heavier than the Wacom pen and runs on a single AAA battery. I didn’t have much trouble with this because I have large hands, and it was simple to grip. With this pen, quick leaps back and forth worked well.

This tablet is also compatible with the rechargeable Huion pen, which is much lighter than the built-in pen. a fantastic option for those who favor a pen lighter than most others, such as Wacom pens.

  • A simple setup.
  • Good looking.
  • Transportable and light.
  • Hardly lasting. It’s not a gaming mouse. Zero tracing.


3. Wacom Intuos (CTL 6100wlko)Best OSU Tablet

I had a great experience with Wacom’s Intuos graphics tablet, which replaces the mouse with a slab and a pen to detect your movements, strokes, and pressure.

It is clear Wacom has redesigned the Tablet to simplify its look and feel. I have used several of their tablets in the past. The first thing that impressed me is the overall build quality of the Tablet. The smooth matte finish is inviting to the touch.

Slimmer bezels and margins give the device a more compact and portable look. This version does not have a battery tray or a dongle tray like previous versions. In the centre of the Tablet are four customizable keys and the on/off button, allowing the Tablet to be easily used left- or right-handed.

Wacom-Intuos-CTL-6100wlko -Best OSU Tablets

For those who would like a splash of color, the device is also available in black with pistachio ink. This Tablet comes in two sizes: a small one measuring 20 x 16 cm and a medium measuring 26.4 x 20 cm. Using the dots to mark the working area, it is easy to be precise. You can use brush tools with greater speed and pressure with the incredible sensitivity of the Tablet.

There have also been some subtle updates to the pen. This model is slightly smaller, thinner, lighter, easier to grip, and has fewer buttons and parts rattling around on the inside than previous models. The pen includes spare nibs, but if you use them enough, they should not need to be replaced too often.

Pen pressure can now reach up to 4K levels, which is a massive improvement from previous models.

Although touch functionality from previous OSU models has been eliminated in this model, most digital artists I’ve spoken to are in favour of this decision as it was often turned off for better control. An attractive, practical tablet for digital artists, whether they are amateurs or professionals. Not only this many other tools are also present for digital artist to fulfil their need.

  • Bigger screen.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Lightweight.
  • Pressure senstivity.
  • Not for beginners.


4. One by Wacom Student Drawing Tablet

With the latest update, Wacom has renamed the tablet “One by Wacom” and completely removed the “Bamboo” name. New improvements were made to the design of the Tablet. They got rid of all the unnecessary space around the Tablet. The Tablet was then made slimmer. One by Wacom looks sleeker, more sophisticated, and minimalist than the original One.

Scuffs and scratches are easily handled by the surface, which is tough. The characters of these Wacom devices do not easily get scratched up even after prolonged usages, unlike some other Wacom knockoffs.

One-by-Wacom- osu Student drawing tablet

There is a slight texture to the surface of One by Wacom. As a result of the texture, the stylus feels more controlled when moving across the surface. The drawing surface texture is excellently balanced—a good balance between aggressiveness and strength. There were only 1024 pressure sensitivity levels on the older Wacom Bamboo models.

A better, faster, and more accurate stylus comes with the new One by Wacom.

With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, it is twice as sensitive as Bamboo’s older stylus. The stylus utilizes Wacom’s non-rechargeable EMR technology, which makes it another great feature. The Tablet has smooth strokes, and there is no jittering and wobbling that causes the lines not to be straight or come out like waves.

The Tablet is perfect for graphic designers and anyone who does digital creative work. Many features in it can be handy, like selecting, masking, painting and so on that make it the best OSU tablet.

In addition to being very popular among photographers, it is also used by retouchers. They are also great for learning digital painting and can be used to make professional digital art.

  • Compact Area.
  • Compatibility.
  • Only Chrome OS.


5. Huion H430P OSU Tablet

Introducing the Huion Inspiroy H430P, a battery-free tablet with a pen (no batteries/no recharges). Having been impressed by their Huion H640P, I thought this Tablet would be interesting to look at as well.

Despite having a smaller drawing area and being marketed as a gaming tablet, I wondered if this Tablet would perform just as well as the Huion H640P or Wacom Intuos (CTL-490).

The drawing area is indicated; however, I noticed that the active area ends midway between the last two top rows rather than directly on the previous row.


There are four rubber feet on the underside of the Tablet, along with an information sticker. The rubber feet provide good support. The four express keys on the top of the Tablet are responsive and feel excellent when pressed. In other words, only two of the buttons on the left and right sides of the Tablet are reachable for either hand.

While the express keys on the Intuos Draw are better and more responsive than those on the Wacom, they are also useless since they are only two. To ensure some grip, the pen is made of matte plastic with lines cut out. A very slight bulge is visible near the end of the tube, but it is minor. Despite its relatively lightweight and centre of gravity towards the tip, the pen does not feel unbalanced when you hold or use it.

It would be pretty easy for me to recommend this Tablet to artists if it was a bit larger. Still, at the moment, it is mainly recommended for players of Overwatch that occasionally wish to draw.

  • Unique design.
  • 4 press keys are available.
  • Lightweight.
  • Smaller active area.
  • Pen quality.


6. GAOMON S620

Drawing tablets have suddenly become cheaper in the last few years, each with superior claims to the others. Some devices stand out among all of these tablets. Digital artists and rhythm gamers have both found a lot of appeal in the Gaomon S620.

This is a powerful tablet. This is an excellent device with a battery-free stylus, improved build quality, and a competitive price. In a tablet that costs this much, it is expected that it will be made of plastic. It is, however, excellent quality plastic used.


With a matte black color the Tablet is good at hiding fingerprints. It offers a smooth, consistent feel all over because its corners are round and bevelled. This compact Tablet is ideal for students who want a tablet that can easily fit in a backpack’s front compartment.

You can use this Tablet with laptop screens or monitors less than 21 inches when its active drawing area is 6.5 x 4 inches. If you use a stylus with a plastic tip to draw on a plastic surface, you won’t get the same satisfaction as drawing on paper.

Art paint AP32 stylus is included with Gaomon S620. It utilizes an EMR technology, allowing wireless power to be transmitted from the Tablet, creating a stylus that never needs charging. There are 8192 pressure levels on the pen, just as you get with a top-of-the-line stylus.

My research on dozens of budget drawing tablets has found the Gaomon S620 one of the best options. I used this Tablet for around three weeks before composing this review, and I had no problems at all.

  • Excellent build quality.
  • 4 programmable shortcut buttons.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • No eraser.
  • No tilt sensitivity
  • Stylus quality.


7. Huion H420 OSU Tablet

Huion H420 OSU is at the top of my list. Even though XP-Pen is a strong competitor, it has at first glance. The H420 looks a lot like the Wacom Bamboo. It doesn’t matter whether or not any of the Bamboo units include a mouse or not.

I am impressed with the Tablet’s design! In my opinion, it’s an ideal minimalist device, with only a black rectangle, three hotkeys, a power LED, and a USB micro-port. Drawing on the surface is like drawing on more expensive tablets like the Wacom Bamboo. It gives a nice bio-feedback, so you don’t feel like you’re drawing on glass.

Huion H420 OSU Tablet

I did a small sketch in Photoshop for over 30 minutes to pass the drawing test. In problems with its drivers. Before using the OSU, these issues will need to be addressed.

It lacked the 2048-level sensitivity advertised by the manufacturer. The Huion H610 and the 1060PLUS are other tablets I have used, and I felt that they had better features and responsiveness than this Tablet. However, I couldn’t get the fuzzy brush to work as I usually did with a dedicated art tablet to get smaller gradations. It depends on your style.

If you are drawn to simple lines and shapes (like vectors), this is a good choice if you want an affordable tablet. It’s a little bit small, though. I couldn’t draw small movements with it, because it’s very light and portable. This is a big no-no, as it will cause you to strain your wrists over time, resulting in feathery lines.

Getting a tablet as a holiday present for your children who have been requesting One might be the ideal scenario. They’ll probably graduate to a better tablet pretty quickly if they’re serious about it.

  • Good enough for my job.
  • Editing on Photoshop and designing on Affinity Designer.
  • Works great.
  • Some issue with speed.
  • Runs dopely.
  • Slightly below than expected.


8. XP-Pen G640

The XP-Pen StarG640 is a drawing tablet that offers high responsiveness and sensitivity without breaking the bank. The Tablet is compatible with a variety of drawing, editing, office suites, and games. You’ll find its setup and usage to be straightforward and quick, and it’s provided with a handy pen. Professional editors may find the lack of shortcut keys a drawback, but the pen capabilities are pretty diverse (mouse, game controls, drawing, and editing).

One of the best features of this Tablet is its simple setup. Upon reaching the manufacturer’s website, I found the XP-Pen G640 driver and downloaded it to my laptop. After installing the software once, I connected the Tablet to my computer and started working.

XP-Pen G540 5.5x4 inch

It does not require any adjustments since it runs without a battery. The sensitivity is set to low-to-medium by default, though it can be altered in the relevant menus.

This pen has a smooth drawing area, but it can be a bit too responsive at first. The sensitivity dial, which regulates the pressure, is easy to use but can be overwhelming at first. The number of pressure levels available is 8192.

The screen of the XP-Pen StarG640 enables you to draw and edit tiny details with ease and precision because of the high resolution of 5080 LPI. There are simple options for mixing colors and adjusting contour thickness in each image segment or sketch.

Drawing and navigation with this pen are both left-handed and right-handed comfortably. Twenty nibs or the replacement are included in the holder. Most PCs, laptops, and tablets are compatible with micro USB devices.

  • Battery free pen
  • Pressure sensitivity
  • 2 side buttons, no eraser
  • No tilt senstivity
  • No multitouch



As for the Gaomon S56K design, it is fragile at less than 2mm, which gives the impression of drawing on a mousepad. I feel confident holding the graphic Tablet because its back has an anti-slip mat that prevents it from slipping from my hands.

A tiny 0.73 pounds weighs in along with the device’s dimensions and height. I was able to control the line width, transparency, and color naturally and smoothly due to 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.


The Tablet can handle any task with a resolution of 4000 LPI and a reporting speed of 200 PPS. With the Tablet, you can play OSU or other games faster and smoother than a mouse, and it is plug-and-play. Additionally, it makes graphic design, digital drawing, sketching, and photo editing tasks easy for beginners.

Plastic surface with a bend (similar to what you’d find on the front and back of a notepad). The Tablet moves around quite a bit without securing it, but it can be taped down to keep it from moving. As there is no hard edge to the Tablet, you can rest your hand on it while playing.

The default pen requires one AAA battery to power it, making it heavier than the Wacom pen. Since I have relatively large hands, I didn’t find this a problem, and it was easy to grip.

Does it make sense to switch from a Wacom to this device? I think you are better off with the current Tablet if you are not satisfied. As for myself, I prefer it already to my Wacom, although there may be people who disagree with me about the matter, so my recommendation would only be for someone contemplating buying a first tablet or eager to try out something new.

  • Pressure senstivity
  • Thinner
  • Lightweight
  • Small area
  • No hard keys


10. Huion 420 OSU

With the Huion 420 graphics tablet, you can sketch, draw, edit photos, and more at an affordable price. The device can be used both with left and right hands and is easy to set up.

Place the pen tip anywhere you need on the responsive pad to enhance your workflow with the 420 art tablet. For online education, e-learning, remote working, and web conferences, it is easier to handwrite, edit, and annotate using a stylus. Furthermore, the right mouse button can be replaced by a customizable side button on the pen.

Huion 420 OSU Pen Tablet

The device can also play OSU games, sign documents, take notes, and more. No drivers are needed. With Huion 420, you have access to XSplit, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Office, Powerpoint, and OneNote. Its thin, compact, and lightweight design, along with the active surface area of 4 x 2.23 inches, makes it easy to use on a small desk or when on a trip.

Its system requirements are USB port, Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.12 or later.

I was sent this Tablet for review and I 100% love it for new artists. I am a full-time artist so it did not suit my normal everyday needs. But for a gift, or if someone you know wants to become an artist it is a wonderful way to test the waters and learn digital art. It took me years to realize this is what I wanted to do and I did it all on a tablet a lot like this. You really can’t go wrong.

Some of the best features of the Huion 420 OSU are:

  • Compact and durable
  • Technology Electromagnetic Digitizer
  • Delicate and high-efficient
  • Lifelike and smooth strokes
  • Strong compatibility
  • Meet all you need
  • 2048 Levels Of Pen Pressure

  • Pressure senstivity
  • Draw lines perfectly
  • Adjustable settings
  • Small area
  • Less hard keys

FAQ About Best OSU Tablets:-

  • How to play OSU with a Tablet?

First, you need to install drives for that and a few settings for the pen and screen. Then you can play small games on it.

  • OSU lags when using Tablet?

No, it doesn’t lag but sometimes, while multitasking then sometimes it may drag a little

  • How to set up the Huion h420 tablet for OSU?

If you use the driver to change your area and not Raw Input, you need to set the cursor sensitivity to 1, OSU! Resolution: 1280×800, 800 dpi with 2.5 is quite a lot. Your area is going to be smaller than most peoples’. Just change it around until it feels like how you moved your mouse.

  • How to set up a tablet for OSU?

There is no actual setup for a tablet on OSU! Just use the pen like a mouse and the keyboard for left/right-click. Some people use one key+tapping the Tablet, but it’s much more common to use two keys. If you feel more comfortable tapping the Tablet, then you can try one key+tap.

Wrapping Up

You need to choose from a relatively restrictive selection of graphics tablets to select the best Tablet for playing OSU. The conventional tablets running Android and Windows can’t match the quick response time of graphics tablets, so I think they’re more suitable for professionals or even fundamental OSU players.

Most tablet manufacturers make their devices for drawing and note-taking, just to sell more units with “Osu” on them. When searching for the best Osu tablet, do not choose a particular tablet simply because it contains the word “Osu.” Take into account the hover distance, the resolution, and the cursor delay instead.

Just to wrap up, We have listed out all the OSU tablets that can help you in your graphic work. We have listed the best tablets for OSU available in the market. Among all of them, We will recommend you to go for the Huion H420 OSU tablet.

It is good through features and by cost as well. You can expect a decent performance from this OSU tablet in just a budget of fewer than 40 bucks.

If you feel, We missed something on this list. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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