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Top 5 Best OSU Tablets To Buy In 2021 | Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for an OSU tablet? If yes, then we are here to help you. We have got the best OSU tablets for you to buy today.

OSU tablets are fun, They are a great choice if you want to have better control than a mouse. If you use a drawing tablet then these best OSU tablets will surely help you.

If you are a beginner, we have some of the best drawing tablets for beginners that you might consider buying for your drawing work.

In this guide, We will help to buy the best OSU tablet for you. We have listed all the popular OSU tablets in this list, based on the reviews, recommendations, and opinions of various graphic artists.

Though, You know we always try to give more value to our readers in the form of best tablet reviews and buying guides.

Features important for OSU Tablet:

Absolute tracking

Good OSU Tablets have this absolute tracking feature that can save your time. It is different from the relative tracking which you have in your mouse. This will help you to inst1ntly move the cursor to a new location.

Active area

You need to have the OSU tablet with a larger active area so that you can have better control over the designs and structures

Smaller is better in this aspect.

Parallax and Response time

It is also a very important feature if you are looking for an OSU tablet. Every great artist NGOs for the tablet that has a lower response time and parallax effect. Here in this blog post, We’ll be helping you with all the OSU tablets that have the best response time and parallax effect.


Best 5 Tablets for OSU In 2021-

Best OSU Tablets – Active Area
Huion H20 OSU 4″ x 2.3″
XP-PEN G640 6″ x 4″
Gaomon OSU Pad 6″ x 5″
Huion 420 OSU 4″ x 2.23″
Intuos small art 8.3″ x 6.7″


1. Huion H420 OSU- Best OSU Tablet

Huion H420 OSU Tablet

At the top of the list, We are placing the Huion H420 OSU. Though XP-Pen is also a strong competitor but has some driver problems which need to be fixed before we can start using the OSU tablet.

With the Huion, You just have to plug-n-play and it’ll start working. It can work smoothly on pen-enabled software, but you need to have the right drivers if you want to experience its true potential.

We suggest this as the best budget OSU tablet as well. You can surely get this one for your work. If you will compare it with some of the other models, the only difference you will see will be the 3 mechanical express keys in this Huion H420 OSU tablet.

  • Good enough for my job.
  • Editing on Photoshop and designing on Affinity Designer.
  • Works great.
  • Some issue with speed
  • Runs dopely
  • Slightly below than expected


2. XP-Pen G640 6×4

XP-Pen G540 5.5x4 inch

Another great tablet for OSU is the XP-Pen G640 6X4, Though It is not that popular but is among one of the favorite OSU tablets by graphic designers. The resolution and the report rate is higher than the rest of the tablets.

You will also experience a higher accuracy level in this graphic tablet. It even beats Wacom in some points and We consider it a great option for you.

You will also find this device listed by the rest of the Tablet Owners in their blog. Especially by the graphics related blog. The only demerit that we consider in this XP-Pen G640 can be the active area of this tablet.

  • Battery free pen
  • Pressure sensitivity
  • 2 side buttons, no eraser
  • No tilt senstivity
  • No multitouch




Gaomon is one of the leading brands when it comes to graphic tablets and tablets with pens. The Gaomon OSU Pad is the ideal choice for artists who are looking for a reliable OSU tablet on a budget.

This OSU pad is extremely thinner and larger when compared to other OSU tablets in the same price range. You can opt for this as well. We have been listed Gaomon Tablets in most of our blog posts for best drawing tablets and artist tablets.

It is a little expensive than the Huion and XP-Pen devices. Also, the reading height of the Gaomon OSU tablet is better than these two as well.

  • Pressure senstivity
  • Thinner
  • Lightweight
  • Small area
  • No hard keys


4. Huion 420 OSU

Huion 420 OSU Pen Tablet

Another great Huion Pen Tablet is the Huion 420 OSU, You will find some similarities with the other Huion models but there is a slight difference in each of the tablets by Huion. Huion is also famous for its graphics and pen tablets in the market.

Some of the best features of the Huion 420 OSU are:

  • Compact and durable
  • Technology Electromagnetic Digitizer
  • Delicate and high-efficient
  • Lifelike and smooth strokes
  • Strong compatibility
  • Meet all you need
  • 2048 Levels Of Pen Pressure

  • Pressure senstivity
  • Draw lines perfectly
  • Adjustable settings
  • Small area
  • Less hard keys

Here’s a review by the tablet user on Amazon

I was sent this Tablet for review and I 100% love it for new artists. I am a full time artist so it did not suit my normal everyday needs. But for a gift, or if someone you know wants to become an artist it is a wonderful way to test the waters and learn digital art. It took me years to realize this is what I wanted to do and I did it all on a tablet a lot like this. You really can’t go wrong.


5. Intuos Small ArtWacom Intuos Graphics OSU tablet

The best and the most expensive OSU tablet in this list is this Wacom Intuos Graphic tablet. We have listed it in the last because of the price. We focus on sharing the best tablets at the most budget-friendly prices.

Wacom comes on the top when we talk about reliability and functionality in the graphics tablet industry. They also have a record of good after-sales service, so if you found any issues. they will take care of it even after selling you the tablet.

The efficient customer support executives are there to assist you in case you need any help operating the device.

Wacom is a leader in the drawing tablet industry so most of the device manufactures to make sure their devices are Wacom compatible. You will find the Wacom drivers working on almost every device. This is the reason why most of the users trust Wacom.

  • The tablet is made of very good high-quality materials.
  • Amazing features to significantly increase your productivity.
  • Bluetooth options.
  • Stylus senstivity.
  • The toothy surface of the tablet.
  • No bundled software.
  • ExpressKeys can be difficult to use quickly.


 FAQ About Best OSU Tablets:-

  • How to play OSU with a tablet?

First, you need to install drives for that and a few settings for pen and screen, then you can play small games on it.

  • OSU lags when using tablet?

No, it doesn’t lag but sometimes while multitasking then sometimes it may lag a little

  • How to set up Huion h420 tablet for OSU?

If you use the driver to change your area and not Raw Input, then you need to set the cursor sensitivity to 1, OSU! resolution: 1280×800, 800 dpi with 2.5 is quite a lot, your area is going to be smaller than most peoples’. Just change it around until it feels like how you moved your mouse.

  • How to set up a tablet for OSU?

There is no real setup for a tablet on OSU! you just use the pen like a mouse and the keyboard for left/right-click. Some people use 1 key+tapping the tablet but it’s much more common to use 2 keys. If you feel more comfortable tapping the tablet then you can try 1 key+tap.

Wrapping Up

Just to wrap up, We have listed out all the OSU tablets that can help you in your graphic work. We have listed the best tablets for OSU available in the market. Among all of them, We will recommend you to go for the Huion H420 OSU tablet.

It is good by means of features and by cost as well. You can expect a decent performance from this OSU tablet in just a budget of fewer than 40 bucks.

If you feel, We missed something on this list. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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