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It is a well-known fact that Apple products have been the best iPad For Procreate. These iPads have always provided the best services, features, and benefits to all the users but especially to the digital artists, like sketchers, painters, or doodlers.

This is all possible because of the Procreate app it offers. Procreate is an awesome drawing app that is made solely for serious artists and when used with an Apple pencil, it becomes the dream gadget for many users.

Procreate is a raster graphics editor app for digital painting developed and published by Savage Interactive for iOS and iPadOS. Designed in response to the artistic possibilities of the iPad, it was launched on the App Store in 2011

However, just a few years back the Apple pencil was only supported by the top-end models of iPad. So it meant that the users having the entry-level models were not able to take its full advantage.

But now with the technical wave, development has made this possible. To users’ surprise, now Apple pencil is supported in all the recently launched models of iPad. It provides the experience of top-line drawing to the users and also the users don’t have to spend a large amount to get the experience.

After observing and performing detailed testing on these devices for a couple of years, a list of the best iPads for procreating has been finalized to help the artists find their perfect match.

All the options that are available for you are mentioned in the list, with a comparison between them, discussions about their advantages/ disadvantages, and then recommending the best iPad for procreating.

Now, the question is what are the models of iPad that support Procreate.

List Of The Best iPad For Procreate Available In Market:-

1. Apple iPad Pro 2021

Best iPad For Procreate

The only product that offers to procreate for the artists is an Apple product. A newly launched iPad, the Apple iPad Pro, has become the talk of the town among the users, and hence it is also our first device mentioned in the list.

The iPad has great software for cameras with awesome features even though it has a basic resolution. This device of 2021 permits the creation of awesome HDR composites with its Smart HDR 3 technology making it a perfect gadget for graphic designers as well as digital artists.

Users will surely love the cameras of this device. Its rear camera is also great and it is also capable of adjusting the camera settings on its own by using the Al technology for providing better compositions of video and webcam usage to the users.

This iPad provides a smooth running of all the programs and services as it possesses a huge RAM of 8 GB and enormous storage of 256 GB so that all the artwork and projects can be saved in it. In this way, the user doesn’t need to own several devices for different and giant projects and updates. All the photos, designs, paintings, and drawings can be saved in a single device.

iPad Pro 2021 can be considered as the best of the best tablets and is also the most useful and powerful mobile art tool for the artists out there. It possesses the newest liquid retina screen which produces incredibly rich, sharp, bright, and contrasty graphics, which makes it an amazing quality tablet.


These tablets not only provide a creative platform for the users but the display they provide makes the work and projects look better and more beautiful. In that way, the users will be more inspired and can create marvelous masterpieces.

It has a Bionic computer processor which gives a faster performance to the users than most of the laptops out there, and never lags or crashes, no matter how big or high resolution the artwork is.

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And along with its pen-to-screen interface, it is just nothing short of superb and provides a great feel, real physical control, great response and flow, and extraordinary levels of precision to the buyers.

The users can expect a phenomenal number of benefits from this device like it offers great colors, contrast, and brightness to make the experience even better for them.


2. Apple iPad Pro 2021 11″

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch

The next device falling into the list is also an Apple product as procreate is an In-Built feature of Apple iPads only. Also, they can be the only ones you can always count on. However, Apple products come in different shapes, sizes, and prices.

So, the Apple iPad Pro 2021 with a display of 11 inches can be the accurate answer for the users who need a decent and cheaper iPad for Procreate than the model with a screen of 12.9 inches.

This iPad can be considered as the smaller version of the 12.9 inches one, hence it possesses almost the same features as the one mentioned above. It has a comparatively smaller screen of 11 inches than the above model but is more than enough for creating a masterpiece.

Its screen offers a resolution of 2388×1668, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and is capable of displaying the designs and drawings with maximum details so that the user won’t leave any mistakes and can complete the art with utmost care.

As for the general specifications, the iPad Pro possesses a RAM of 8 GB, a storage space of 256 GB, and a powerful M1 processor chip which is sufficient enough for the users. Due to this, the tablet becomes extremely fast. However, the users can also use it for editing their amazing designs and paintings with a perfect fit and finish.

This iPad Pro possesses a front-facing camera of 12 MP and two rear-facing cameras of 12MP and 10 MP respectively. For landscape photography, the ultra-wide-angle lens of 10 MP is used. These features make it a reliable and trustworthy device for photography as well as editing.

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The rear-facing ultra-wide-angle camera provides a 122° angle for better viewing. Therefore, it becomes the perfect tablet for ultra-wide selfies, as well as video calls. Overall, it is an amazing tablet and is available at a cheaper price than the 12.9″ model. So the users who want all the features of the bigger version of the iPad Pro but at a lesser amount can opt for this tablet.


3. Apple iPad (8th generation)

-iPad Pro 11 and 12.9″ - Best iPad For Procreate

The upcoming device that has been included in the list is the Apple iPad (8th generation). This can be an excellent and affordable choice for users who have a little tight budget.

All users can operate the top drawing and painting app in an efficient and affordable device with a storage of 32 GB. First-generation Apple Pencils can be supported on this device to create amazing pictures. It offers a widescreen of 10.2-inches along with the Retina display which gives a standard brightness to the users.

iPad’s which are at the most basic level are often underappreciated by the users, however, it is somewhat understandable. The sole reason for this is that most of the users think that as it has a lower price, it would be lacking something but it is not true at all these devices provide just the opposite of the users’ thinking.

Artists who are at beginner level or are amateurs can purchase this iPad, as it will offer them a good drawing experience at the minimum possible price.

To do so, Apple has designed this product in such a way that it can be on the bucket list of almost every artist without compromising the main and important features for a good drawing experience for the customers.

However, the best service of an Apple product for the users is that even if they are out of the game for a longer time, they always come back with a better and stronger update.

Although this 8th generation iPad is an entry-level tablet, it still carries the most powerful Apple A12 Bionic processor which is a boon for the customers. This processor is capable of handling resource-intensive tasks and bulky or heavy projects files in Procreate for the users simultaneously with utmost ease.

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As for the beginnings/newbies, this can be the best choice because the First generation Apple Pencil is easily supported on this device. This pencil gives an unmatchable drawing as well as writing experience to the users that no other tablet can offer in this price range.

The concluding remark about this product is that it is feasibly convenient and affordable. Additionally, the services it provides at this price like its high-resolution screen, battery life, or its drawing capabilities are too good to satisfy any beginner’s needs. So, it can be the go-to device, in fact, a highly recommended device for them.


4. Apple iPad mini 2021

ipad mini - best tablet for photo editing

Let’s proceed further to our next device on the list. Now we have Apple iPad Mini as our other great device for procreating at a reasonable price.

So, it is often seen that nobody believes that a smaller device can offer them high quality, high resolution, and detailed artwork, but it can happen with Apple’s iPad Mini.

Although, this question can arise in a customer’s mind if it is a good purchase or not. So clearing all the doubts, it offers a great Apple Retina display, well not as great as the Liquid Retina, still, it can serve the users with a magnificently bright and sharp screen with true and amazing colors.

To some extent, it is true that working on larger screens is convenient enough and the Mini possesses less RAM as well as a slower processor but it can perform well with Procreate. Additionally, users can work on higher levels too. Also, many users opt for it as it is a smaller, lighter, and more portable device than anyone else.

Its smallest variant is available with a storage of 64 GB that too at a very low price considering it an Apple product. Despite its tiny size and economical price, it can be a powerful and fully usable tool for artists, designers, and art students.

Every great feature and advantage of an iPad is offered by this device to the user but in a compact and portable mode. So it can be the perfect fit for the users who are already looking for something like this.

A good display of  8.3-inches and a weight of 0.66 pounds (300.5 grams) is offered by the tablet. It is so small and light that the user can almost not feel it while carrying it in the backpack. Also because of the lightweight the user can handle it with just one hand only.

I PAD MINi - Best Tablet With Camera

Like all the latest Apple products, this iPad mini also possesses the same A12 Bionic processor, which makes it compatible to perform hectic and complex Procreate operations easily for the customers even with its smaller size.

The drawing apps like procreate and others can be run effortlessly on the device and the user won’t have to worry about its slow functioning too. In addition, those heavy texture brushes in Procreate can also be handled easily.

This iPad Mini can also serve as a secondary tablet for many artists who are traveling or looking around for inspiration as it is super easy to carry out and offers almost everything you need. Well, it is a known key fact that procreation has such a user interface that can work comfortably on any screen i.e. a bigger or a smaller screen.

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Even so, this tablet is compatible with the First gen. Apple Pencil, the users have to purchase it separately as it is not included in the package.

One of the major advantages it provides to the customers is that it has a very sharp display with explicitly high-resolution, even the expensive ones don’t have it.

It offers a resolution of 2048 x 1536 with almost 326 pixels per inch (PPI) of pixel density to the users, while a lump sum of 364 PPI is offered by other Apple products like the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. This makes the resultant images and videos vibrant, sharp, and crisp while displaying.

So this iPad mini can be the perfect fit for the users and artists who are looking for such a device that possesses the amazing flexibility of a smaller device and also provides a great drawing/Sketching experience. This can also be a great choice for gifting your loved ones.


5. Apple iPad air 4th Gen

I PAD AIR 12.9 - Best Tablet With Camera

Our last but not the least product on the list is the Apple iPad Air. It is an amazing option for users who are looking for a budget-friendly model but not like those of the top-ranking products.

This iPad has offered so many qualities to the users like even after being a much more affordable tablet than the iPad Pro, it still possesses a faster CPU with enhanced graphics performance. And the users will get almost the same features as the iPad Pro. However, just because of a smaller screen of 10.9 inches, it is not the first option on our list.

Any digital artist who is looking for an iPad these days simply has two options in front of them i.e. the entry-level/ base model of iPad or the top-of-the-line/ most advanced iPad Pro.

But the problem which arises mainly is that the entry-level iPads don’t provide all the advanced drawing features to the customers, while if we talk about the iPad pro’s, they are exceptionally expensive.

This iPad Air is the perfect tablet that provides commendable drawing features to the buyers and is not that expensive too. It is a tablet that fulfills all the demands and requirements of the users by providing all the premium drawing features but at a reasonable price, so there is a great balance between the user’s needs and budget.

Well as we speak about its design, it gives a modern all-screen design to the users around which there are minimal bezels present, which is exactly like the iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Air

An amazing and surprising feature for the artists is that the Apple Pencil 2( the most advanced stylus) can also be supported on this device making it the only device after iPad Pro to offer this service.

Let’s go ahead with the tablet’s performance and processor. So, it possesses the most powerful A14 Bionic processor. Due to which the artists can witness an easy workflow of their intensive hard and bulky projects and designs. There won’t be discrimination against the resolution of the project i.e. whether it is a simple low-resolution canvas or a super high-resolution project with large canvas sizes the results are going to be just fine.

It becomes more interesting as that was not all about the iPad Air, the most popular feature or service of this Tablet is its price. Exactly, it is available at a very reasonable price considering all of its incredible features.

iPad Air is the most recommended choice for Procreate to the customers. Also, this can be used by anyone regardless of their level i.e. beginner-intermediate artists to experts and professionals.



Everyone must have heard that you can’t create or destroy a mass, however, its form can be changed. The same goes for digital artists, they can create art pieces on any device with any graphics programs. But with the iPads possessing a procreate app, which is specifically designed for artists only, they can raise the bar of their artistry.

As now we can see digital artists, regardless of their level, want to have an amazing device to enhance their skills and showcase their work, the demands for graphics programs containing tabs have increased tremendously. These iPad’s with Procreate are the perfect fit for them, as they are available in different amounts and shapes.

Although it can be a bit hard to opt for a better device that stays in your budget too, so you can go through once to our list, then it will be way easier for you to make the final call.

Also, the myth that only expensive Apple products are good for creation can be eliminated from the minds of the users, if they want the full benefits of the Apple iPad but at a lower price, they can opt for the compact and smaller versions.

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