8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying an iPad in 2024

questions to ask yourself before buying an ipad

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Ben Scott

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With Apple continuing to dominate the tablet market with their iPad devices, it’s no surprise that many consumers are considering purchasing one.

However, with a wide selection of iPads on the market and numerous features to consider, making the right purchase can be daunting. Ask yourself the following to ensure you get the most out of your next iPad.

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  • 1. What is your budget? 

Before deciding on an iPad, it’s important to determine how much money you have available for your purchase. iPads range from affordable basic models to pricey high-end ones, so a clear idea of how much you can spend will help narrow your selection.

  • 2. What size do you need? 

With screen sizes ranging from 7.9 inches to 12.9 inches for current models, you must know what size best suits your needs.

If portability is important, then a smaller model, such as the iPad Mini, might be best; if you plan on using the device mainly at home or in an office environment, then perhaps a larger model, such as the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro, might be more suitable.

  • 3. Do you need LTE connectivity?

For those who travel frequently or want to stay connected when away from Wi-Fi networks, some iPads come with integrated cellular data capabilities – these models have LTE support built-in and have their own SIM cards which allow them to connect directly to mobile networks without relying on nearby Wi-Fi hotspots for Internet access.

If this type of connectivity would be useful for you, choose an iPad with LTE support accordingly.

  • 4. How much storage do I need? 

Most iPads offer varying levels of internal storage from 16GB to 512GB depending on the model and price point – while higher capacities offer more space for large libraries of apps and enable faster performance in certain tasks (such as gaming), lower capacities may still be sufficient if most of your data is stored online or in cloud services like iCloud Drive or Dropbox instead of locally on your device itself.

  • 5. What type of display technology should I get? 

Depending on what type of content you plan on viewing on your tablet, there are two main display types available for current iPads – LCD and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode).

LCDs offer better brightness compared to OLEDs but don’t quite match up in terms of color accuracy and contrast levels; OLED displays offer better contrast and color reproduction but tend to consume more battery life than their LCD counterparts when displaying white/light colors – so depending on how much power efficiency matters for your usage scenarios it may be wise to opt for one type over the other accordingly.

  • 6. Should I buy AppleCare+ protection along with my tablet? 

Accidents happen all too often when it comes to electronic devices; if you think that having extra protection against any future damage or technical issues may prove beneficial at some point down the line, then perhaps opting into an AppleCare+ membership could give you greater peace of mind knowing that professional assistance is only a phone call away if needed (AppleCare+ also provides access to online technical resources as well as discounted repair services).

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  • 7. Are there any accessories I should purchase with my tablet? 

There are many official accessories available from Apple which offer added convenience, such as wireless keyboards and cases designed specifically for different iPad models – each accessory has its own set of features that can enhance user experience depending on individual usage scenarios so make sure to look through them all before deciding whether they fit within your budget or not.

  • 8. Is the software compatible with existing hardware & software tools I already use? 

While most third-party products made by other companies are designed specifically for iOS devices such as iPads, not all may work perfectly due to compatibility issues either caused by hardware limitations or software incompatibilities between certain versions of system firmware;

For example, if you are wondering how do I sync my contacts to my MacBook from a mobile device, do not discard this question.

It’s important that before making a purchase decision, one checks out all potential product compatibilities before committing their funds toward said device/software combination(s).



I hope these queries have answered your doubts and if anything arises before buying this. Also, we have figured out some of the best iPad alternatives if it doesn’t fulfil your need.

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