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In this scenario modifying scenes or design, tablets are essential. These devices are used for business purposes and companies. Illustrations tablets consider an increasingly exact, and in this way refined, work. They additionally used to cost a considerable lot of cash, however, that was until Huion went along.

Most picture takers and retouchers I chatted with about my upcoming audit of the Huion illustrations tablet took a gander at me odd, as though I didn’t articulate Wacom effectively. All things considered, Wacom now has a few contenders, among which, Huion.

huion h610 review

This is a Chinese-based producer that offers great quality items at a reasonable cost. Considerably more moderate than Wacom. Huion was caring enough to send me an H610 Pro to audit for you and check whether it merits your cash.

It’s the best drawing tablet on a low budget. This Huion h610 review will confirm that you don’t need the best quality of the tablet with a pen.

Huion H610: Overview

The box was packed very well and not expected at this range. huion h610 reviewCovered and protected with soft cushion etc. The weight is very low so easy to handle and operate. There are many versions of Huion that are available in the market like a pro and other series.

The screen is not included but it does not matter for the advanced users. Compatible with all the operating systems. The size is very close to that of my Intuos Pro Medium, but a bit smaller. It is slightly lighter as well, but only marginally.

General Information:-

  • Active Area: 10″ x 6.25″
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI (Lines Per Inch)
  • Report Rate Speed: 233 PPS
  • Keys: 8 express keys, 16 soft function keys
  • Pen Type: Rechargeable with two buttons
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 2048 levels
  • Cables: 1.5 m mini USB

Huion H610: Execution

There are 8 buttons on the side and customizable. The button has a glossy finish with a logo. Feel comfortable and easy to press and feel premium in this range. It is easier to use while working but it does not need to use a lot. The Wacom Intuos ahead with a coating like paper, where doesn’t slide on the surface easily. But this depends on the users maybe you like it.

huion h610 review

The pen is slim and feels so good in the hand, just like another surface, it works fine but not as better than Intuos pro. It offers a 2048 level of sensitivity, quite low but adjustable in this price range.

The 8 hard keys are customizable so you can set the function of a particular according to your wish. The nib used in the pen is so real and works for long use. It will work while charging but be sure not to use it. keep it in charge when not in use.

Huion H610: Features

Not to a lot about the features just install the driver in your laptop for the first time and then it works great ahead without any interference. If not works properly then keep trying to remove the existing software of the drawing tablet before installing it.

Since it says that it will work well both in the mac and windows but there is a little issue when operating in the mac. We found that it works better on windows. But no one wants to put any effort into these low-budget tablets.

The setting is very normal but can be customizable and quick to get everything to work like we used the other drawing pads. The hard keys help to maneuver easily on the surface and change the setting of the options easily. The other 16 soft keys are also very easy to operate and use while drawing on the surface.

Huion H610: Price

The most important thing is its price, in this price range it gives a better size of the drawing surface but the only thing is its surface gets smooth and shiny after a few months of use. You can also try Wacom Pen and touchpad for sketching. Few of the users are like the pen and surface of the Huion but again it depends on the particular points of view.

Buy it or not?

This is a good question. Genuinely if you don’t want to spend lots of money on this then you can try this as a beginner. But also used as many other uses including professional use. After a few months of use, you will realize its quality is not as better as others but can expect this range.

You can also switch to some other of the same series. The size is good so can be used to draw a fine piece of sketching. For a better experience, you can read our drawing tablet, artists tablet, and drawing tablet with a screen according to your choice and need.

Filtering some of the main aspects of Samsung Galaxy Tab S4:-


  • Price
  • Quality and overview
  • Dimension and Weight
  • 2048 Pressure Level


  • Pen Sensitivity
  • Pointers
  • Software Used
  • Wired


Final Verdict

This is one of the best option for the low budget device. The weight of Huion H610 is very low so easily handle in any condition. Easy to install and operate, the 8 hard keys are customizable so can be used according to the users.

The Huion h610 pro has a great deal of highlights that aren’t regular on moderate tablets, at any rate not with this degree of usefulness. With its amazing price-to-value ratio, ths tablet is best option for beginner as welll as professionals.

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