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GAOMON PD156 Pro – Best Tablet For Graphic Designers In 2023

Which is the best tablet amongst the enormous choices available in the graphic tablets segment?

Choosing a Graphics Tablet and Display might be challenging because there are so many alternatives available. To make things simpler, I used and closely studied the GAOMON PD 156 PRO, one of Gaomon’s most well-liked displays.

However, make sure you are familiar with the distinctions between a graphics tablet and a pen display monitor before we continue.


Built-in external monitors that connect to your computer are known as pen displays. They provide a natural sensation and aid in elevating your imaginative concepts and drawings. In addition to appearing gorgeous, utilizing your preferred 2D or 3D software to sketch or paint directly on the screen makes it more user-friendly and responsive for digital artists.

Graphics tablets or Pen Tablets that don’t have screens are more common and affordable. They’re basically large, pressure-sensitive trackpads that you control with a special stylus and can see your creation only on the monitor/laptop screen.

Gaomon is a trustable choice that lives by the motto that its digital creations should not be limited to any specific areas or groups but instead commit to producing high-quality and affordable products. What makes Gaomon a terrific purchase is that it provides battery-free EMR technology.

Not only this, Gaomon products perform well in connectivity, display, and drawing, which brings creators a unique digital drawing experience that differs from traditional drawing.

I would also like to mention for absolute clarity that our GAOMON PD156 PRO drawing tablet is not a stand-alone item. It must be compatible with a Mac or Windows computer. Additionally, it is not presently compatible with Chrome OS.

If you’re using it according to its compatibility, it is indeed the best tool for remote work, web conferences, and online instruction.

Gaomon’s PD156 PRO drawing tablet is ideally suited for remote work, web conferences, and online instruction in addition to digital art.

The majority of online learning and meeting tools, including Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, OneNote, Zoom, Udemy, ClassIn, etc., are easily compatible with it. 

But if you want a tablet, particularly for meetings, you can check some other tablets also.

In this article, I will take you through the various specifications and features of the Gaomon PD 156 Pro. Not just this, we will also see what you should expect in your package containing the tablet. Read on to find out the additional tools and attractive features that make it your ideal choice.

I’ve also mentioned warranty and tech support ways that’ll help you out when needed. Wanna know the pros and cons of the same? Read on.

Product Specifications 

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Below I’ll mention the specifications of your Gaomon PD 156 PRO. Read along to get an idea about the look, feel, and usability of the tablet. 

It has dimensions of 19.2 x 12.5 x 3.4inches and weighs just 3.57 kgs. The size of its screen or display is an adequate 15.6 inches out of which your drawing area would be 344.16×193.59mm. The screen resolution is a good 1920 x 1080(16:9).

While buying a tablet, it is important to note the pen pressure as well. In the Gaomon PD156 PRO, you get a pen pressure of 8192 levels with the availability of tilt support. You also get 10 customizable Shortcut buttons and a dial one.


List of Main Features Of GAOMON PD156 Pro:-

1. HD Screen Fully Laminated

Display in High Definition: The GAOMON PD156 PRO pen display’s screen uses full-lamination technology to do away with parallax and efficiently reduce external reflections. 

Full-laminated 15.6″ Full-laminated Screen Technology: The parallax will be visibly reduced to the lowest level with the adoption of full-laminated technology and the absence of an air gap.

AG film can shield your eyes, thus decreasing the “glare” effect, and improving the drawing experience so that it feels more like drawing on paper. The 15.6-inch 1920×1080 HD monitor’s 16.7 million colors, and an 88 percent NTSC color gamut.

It gives you a 178° viewing angle and a larger field of view, enabling you to appreciate the creation’s finer details. These angles also provide consistent, rich color from every angle.

You can also check out some of the best tablets with pen displays. However, if don’t want to invest so much money, you can also check out some other tablets.

2. Comfortable Connections

Interface Type-C: On the PD156 PRO, there is only one type-C interface, which reduces intricate wiring.

The AC power plug: You don’t need to utilize a desktop computer because it can power the PD156 PRO adequately. If a laptop is unable to provide stable power, please utilize an AC power plug.

I’d like to mention extra connection tips. If you use a desktop, please plug the HDMI cable into the graphic card of the tower rather than on the motherboard.

If your computer doesn’t provide an HDMI port, you will need an extra HDMI adapter. There are many, for example, VGA to HDMI adapters, DVI to HDMI adapters, Thunderbolt to HDMI adapters, etc.

Although I wouldn’t recommend USB to HDMI adapter, and multi-ports hub. I’d say use one to one type of HDMI adapter. If you don’t know which kind of adapter to use, it’s best to contact GAOMON Tech Support.

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3. AP50 Battery-Free Stylus

The overall drawing experience on the tablet is greatly influenced by the stylus. Working with a good stylus can be enjoyable and improves the overall caliber of your artwork. One of the most cutting-edge Gaomon styli, the battery-free Gaomon Art paint AP50 is included with the Gaomon PD 156 Pro. I’ll list some of its benefits for you:

The Art paint AP50 has a rather straightforward design. Its front portion contains a rubbery, gripping substance. Without a separate eraser on the rear, there are two buttons on the side.

Moreover, the pen doesn’t require charging because it operates on electromagnetic resonance. Thus, there are no charging ports on the stylus. You won’t have to be concerned about charging or the battery problem when creating thanks to battery-free electromagnetic resonance technology.

Your sketching will be more precise and detailed for it provides 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and the 60-degree tilt action. The 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity allow you to accurately and naturally convey every minute of pressure. GAOMON PD156 PRO drawing tablet features tilt recognition up to 60 degrees, allowing you to show more skillfully. 

It also comes with a report rate of 266 reports per second with a response time of 25 ms which is excellent in itself.

An extremely useful conical pen stand is included with the tablet. When not in use, the stylus can be safely stored on the pen stand. The pen holder serves as a storage space for the additional pen nibs and the nib removing tool in addition to holding the pen. Your pen holder already has 8 replacement nibs.


4. 9 Customizable Shortcut Keys And A Round Scroll Button

The first nine buttons on the left side of its screen can be customized and are entirely programmable. The former is based on your preferences once you have installed the driver.

By hitting the round button in the center and afterward scrolling the ring to change the size or move, you may switch between scaling the canvas, modifying the brush size, and scrolling the page. The central ring and button are circular.

By using the round button, you can alternate between zooming the canvas, altering the brush size, and scrolling the page. To change the size or move the ring, TouchRing -Scroll it.

The tenth button (which cannot be modified): To enter OSD mode, long press for three seconds. In fact, the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh keys correspond to the “+” “-” “MENU” and “AUTO” keys in OSD mode after entering the OSD menu.

However, it should be noted that the Dial function- ONLY functions when the GAOMON driver is installed.

If the PC is running Windows 10, the scroll ring and round button can implement the dial feature [High Performance]. The following specifications apply to the display:

  • Active Area: 344.16×193.59mm
  • Color Gamut: 88 percent (NTSC)
  • Display Color: 16.7M(8bit)
  • Report Rate: 266 PPS
  • Tilt angle: 60°
  • Warranty: Within a year of the date of purchase from an authorized retailer, based on accidental damage.


5. Program Compatibility & OS Support

The GAOMON PD156 PRO digital drawing tablet is compatible with computers running Windows 7/8/8.1 or later, Mac OS 10.12/13/14/15 or later (Not compatible with Chrome OS at present).

Digital art, photo editing, E-signatures, online instruction, remote work, etc. are all possible with the PD156 PRO drawing tablet and use the majority of popular drawing programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Krita, Firealpaca, Gimp, SketchBook Pro, and MediBang Paint Pro (requires the independent installation and online download).

Work with the majority of software programs and platforms, such as Microsoft Team, ClassIn, Zoom, Udemy, Twitch, XSplit, and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).


6. Tablet Stand with Adjustment (Gaomon GMS01)

Drawing on a tablet when it is flat on the table is not only uncomfortable but can also become tiresome after a while. Therefore, it is usually advised to hold these tablets at an angle that is comfortable for you.

Free tablet support is included with the Gaomon PD 156 Pro. You have a choice of six different drawing positions with the stand.

The stand’s ability to easily fold into a thin sheet of metal after use is what makes it so intriguing. This makes it simple to store and practical to carry anywhere.

This tablet is also very much portable. However, you can also check out some other handy drawing tablets.


7. Left-Handed Mode in Gaomon PD156 Pro

  • Left-Handed mode for Windows: Open the Gaomon app and choose ‘workspace’. Set the “rotation” angle to 180 degrees. This option is available on the bottom right of the workspace.

Go to the computer’s screen settings page and choose ‘Screen Resolution’. Further, in the orientation column, choose ‘Horizontal (flip)’; then, click “OK.” Then click on “Keep Change.”

  • Left mode for Mac: Click on the Gaomon driver app and open it. Choose ‘Workspace’ and search for the rotation angle settings in the lower right corner. Set that to 180°. Then click on ‘Displays’ in Mac System preference and set rotate to 180°. Click apply to finalize your settings.

Additional Advantages Of Gaomon PD156 Pro

  • 1 Year Protection Plan & Lifetime GAOMON Services

 1-Year Protection Plan: Valid only on damages not caused by humans.

  • GAOMON Service

Customers get lifetime technical service at Gaomon. The brand cares about every customer’s experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you contact and get help from GAOMON?

If you have any questions about the product before or after making your purchase, you can drop your queries on the online stores and get in touch via your order details.

  • How to download and install the driver?

Downloading drivers For the latest driver to be downloaded to your PC, please visit the GAOMON official website.

Please make sure there aren’t any other brand drivers on the computer before installing the driver. Run as an administrator before installation rather than following it.

  • Does the Gaomon PD 156 Pro come with pre-installed software?

Please be aware that the PD156 PRO does not come with any painting software; you must download and install them yourself from the internet as I did. Although it is compatible with a majority of drawing programs.

As an illustrator, consider the free drawing applications Krita, Gimp, Fireplaca, Meidibang, Inscape, Blender, etc. Sketchbook, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, Sai Version 2, and others are among the paid drawing applications.

  • How to contact Gaomon in case of any query/help?

In any such case, you can get in touch with the GAOMON team directly if your order experiences any hardware issues within a year. Since it provides a one-year warranty against damages not caused by human usage. Gaomon will be willing to assist you in getting a brand-new replacement as long as the issue is not due to human error or accident.

If you experience any issues with the PD156 PRO Display Tablet, please refer to the “User Manual” attachment and get in touch with GAOMON online to ask for more help.

The customers are also welcome to post a question on their Q&As page on online shops and wait for them to respond.


Pros And Cons Of GAOMON PD156 Pro:-


  • Fully-laminated screen with a sturdy body and good quality construction of the tablet.
  • The variety of customizable shortcut keys is 9 in total and is very handy. It also has a customizable scroll ring that adds to the advantage.
  • Vibrant color quality.
  • Compatible with most digital art software.
  • Affordable and worth the money spent.
  • Smooth and accurate drawing experience.
  • Comes with an adjustable stand that allows it to double as a second monitor when not in use.
  • You can still draw on the screen when not connected via HDMI.
  • 1-year warranty against non-human damages.


  • It is not a standalone device. It must be compatible with a Mac or Windows computer.
  • It is not compatible with Chrome OS presently.
  • I found the OS menu system to be a bit weird. It could’ve been designed better.
  • Lack of eraser.
  • The color quality is good but I’ve seen better.
  • I wish the buttons were a bit program-specific.

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I would say that the Gaomon PD 156 Pro seemed like a pretty great Drawing Tablet. In my experience, I found the setup to be quite easy as well. Apart from downloading the required latest drivers from the official Gaomon website, you just need to plug into the HDMI input and start with your work!

When I first picked up the tablet display, it seemed incredibly sturdy, high-quality, and cozy. There is no doubt that this product was made keeping the consumer in mind.

Its central dial button is very simple to use and completely customizable, making workflows incredibly efficient. Even the tablet buttons are simple to access.

The stand that the display rests upon was the one aspect of the design that I felt was lacking. It was a little flimsy to set up, and the display frequently fell off the base lip. Additionally, I thought it needed to be bigger and more durable.

There is audible cracking and shaking when you press on the top corners of the display with your pen and wrist. I can appreciate the desire to keep the stand’s footprint as small as possible, but I don’t believe a larger stand would compromise the overall aesthetic and design; rather, it would greatly increase stability and sturdiness.

Good color accuracy is achieved. The pen has a low initial activation force and is extremely sensitive. I had a good experience drawing altogether. This tablet display, in my opinion, is a wise purchase and a fantastic tool to boost your creative abilities.

However, if you are still not satisfied with this product, you can also check out some other drawing tablets for beginners. But if you are a professional artist, you can check other set of tablets.

You’re deluding yourself if you still use a mouse or trackpad for any design-related tasks. Save your money and take the necessary action. Develop yourself.

You won’t regret your choice.

I would say a yes to buying the Gaomon PD 156 Pro!

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