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Sometimes it is very difficult to get a $50 tablet that fulfills your need. But you can get a tablet in this range may be some features will not available. Contrary to conventional wisdom, equating quality with big budgets is a flawed idea. You can get all the features you are looking for even in a moderately priced tablet and if you can spend a few more bucks. Getting a little higher budget under $100 can easily give all features.

You presumably need an extraordinary cell phone for utilizing web-based media or getting to your email in a hurry, however, you might not have a huge load of cash to spend.

Can you truly get an advantageous tablet by just burning through $50 or less? The appropriate response is a resonating “yes!” insofar as you figure out how to deal with your assumptions. Android or the Amazon Fire OS will be your lone choices at this value point, as you won’t discover any iOS gadgets at under $50. There is a lot of cheap tablets that you can get at this range and will serve all your needs.

Amazon Fire HD 7-Best Tablets Under 50 Dollars

Here’s the best pick for the best tablet for movies, If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-loaded tablet in just under 50 dollars then this Fire HD 7 Tablet is going be the best android tablet under $50 budget for you.

fire HD 7


The Amazon Fire HD 7 is considered the best tablet for budget users.

Some of its key features are:

  • 7-Inch Android Tablet
  • 1024p HD Display with Eye-Comfort Mode
  • 16/32 GB Internal Space(Expandable up to 512GB) and 1 GB Ram
  • 1.3 GHz quad-core processor
  • Android 9 Pie operating system
  • 2 MP front and rear-facing cameras
  • Battery Backup Up to 7 hours
  • 4.4/5 Rating By Users


The best option in this range is the Fire HD tablet which is branded and durable.

You may wonder to know that these tablets are in the market. There is a lot of expensive tablets available in the market only need to get that.

Here we bring the topmost tablet under 50 dollars for you so you can save a few more bucks rather than spending on the higher range of tablets.

List of Best Tablet Under 50 Dollars:-

1. Amazon Fire 7 12th Gen 2022

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet of the 12th generation (2022) continues to be an underappreciated device in the market due to its lack of flashy promotional features. Despite this, the Tablet provides a valuable and enjoyable experience at an affordable price point, fulfilling a specific need for users.


The Tablet has a simple yet functional design, with a 7-inch screen, a front webcam, and a discreet rear camera, all encased in a soft-touch plastic back with an Amazon logo.

amazon fire hd 7

The Tablet also features a lock button, volume controls, USB-C charging, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a mono speaker, and an SD card slot for memory expansion.


The screen of the Tablet has a resolution of 1024 x 600 and a pixel density of 171ppi, which may not be the best, but it performs well for its price. When playing video content such as the latest James Bond movie, “No Time To Die,” some minor visual issues may occur, but nothing significantly impacts the viewing experience.


Sound quality varies depending on whether the mono speaker or headphones are being used. The mono speaker may not be suitable for listening to music by artists such as Billie Eilish, as the sound can be thin, compressed, and lacking in bass. However, the vocals and lyrics are still audible to a considerable extent.

  • Extended battery life.
  • More options for memory and storage.
  • Exemplary work.
  • Many essential apps, such as YouTube and the Google Play Store, don’t exist.
  • Low-resolution monitor.


2. Lenovo Tab M7 3rd Gen

The Lenovo Tab M7 3rd Gen boasts a 7-inch solid screen, a long battery life, and a premium-feeling design. I particularly appreciate the low price and the fact that Android 11 Go is delivered in its purest form. On the downside, the Tablet is too slow for most people because of its incredibly sluggish MediaTek chipset.


Glass is used for the front and back of the Lenovo Tab M7 3rd Gen, which features an aluminum frame and measures 176.2 x 102.3 x 8.3 mm (6.94 x 4.03 x 0.33 in).

lenovo tab m7

Despite the tab’s relatively tiny weight of 0.52 lbs (237 g), the device is solidly built. A nano-sim allows the tab to function. With the tab, only Iron Grey is offered as a color option.


The 7-inch LCD screen of the Lenovo Tab M7 3rd Gen has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. It’s still ok, comparable to HD quality on an 8-inch screen, but definitely, nothing to brag about.

The display’s other features are all fine. It is bright enough for usage inside, has good viewing angles, and has beautiful colors. It’s too dark to use outside at 350 nits.


That is the Lenovo Tab M7 3rd Gen’s best and worst feature. The gadget has Android 11. It has a Mediatek MT8166 (Wi-Fi version) and a Mediatek MT8776 (LTE variant) chipset. In the tab is an octa-core 2.0 GHz CPU.

Android 11 has all the newest apps; however, switching between apps will cause lags because of its average CPU. Heavy games like Call of Duty and Clash of Clans might still need to launch.

  • Design that exudes quality.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Stable screen.
  • Slow computer.
  • Lieu of USB C, microUSB.
  • Poor speaker.


3. YQSAVIOR Tablet Android 11

YQSAVIOR Tablet features a sleek, modern design with a 10.1-inch FHD display and slim bezels. The Tablet has a metal body with rounded edges, making it comfortable to hold for extended periods. It also features a fingerprint sensor for quick and easy unlocking and a dual-camera setup on the back for taking photos and videos. However, only some things are good with this Tablet.


The YQSAVIOR Tablet 7-inch features a compact, portable design perfect for on-the-go use. Its plastic body has rounded corners, and the bezels are thick enough.

YQSAVIOR 7inch tablet

Its display provides adequate visual quality for web browsing, video streaming, and other everyday tasks. However, the device may feel slightly bulky when held for long periods.

Battery Life

It has a 3000mAh battery, which can provide up to 4-5 hours of moderate use. However, the battery life may vary depending on the individual usage patterns of the user. For example, it’s not enough for me as I have to do work for more than 8 hours.

The device can be charged using the micro-USB port, a standard feature for budget tablets.


It runs on Android 10 and is powered by a quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM, which can handle basic tasks such as web browsing, social media use, and light gaming. The Tablet has 32 GB of internal storage and a microSD slot that can be used to expand storage up to 128 GB.

  • Affordable.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Runs on the latest android.
  • Insufficient battery life.
  • Performance may not be suitable for heavy multitasking or intensive applications.
  • Low-resolution display.


4. 7-inch Tablet

At its price point, the 7-inch Tablet is an excellent value for money as it offers smooth operation with no noticeable lag and even includes a charger and adapter. The device’s compact size is perfect for those with smaller hands, and it is easy to use while on the go.

The processor works efficiently, and programs load quickly, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.
Despite its affordability, the Tablet provides above-average video playback and streaming capabilities. Moreover, all apps are readily available on the Play Store, so users can easily access their favorite products without any difficulty.

7 inch tablet

Battery life

This 7-inch kids’ Tablet has a 3000 mAh lithium battery, a dazzling HD IPS screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600, and a CPU with a low power requirement. It can operate continuously for more than 6 hours.


It is a lightweight and compact tablet, perfect for children as it is easy to hold. It is ideally suited for working and entertainment at home or traveling and can be packed into a pocket, compact backpack, etc.


The 7-inch Tablet boasts the latest Android 11 operating system and features a 2GB+32GB configuration with a powerful and energy-efficient quad-core A100 processor that guarantees the smooth operation of various apps.

In addition, with the Android 11 OS and GMS certification, users can easily download numerous apps from the Google Play Store, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Compared to similar 7-inch tablets, this Tablet has a larger storage capacity of 32GB. It can even support an additional 128GB SD card (sold separately), providing users with ample storage space for photos, videos, music, and e-books.

  • Portable.
  • Amazing performance.
  • Great value for money.
  • Average battery life.
  • Not compatible with many hardware devices.
  • Small display.


5. PRITOM Android Tablet

PRITOM Android Tablet 10 inch is one of the renowned tablets in the market, available at a better price point. It delivers better performance and enriched, and quality features to its users.


The Pritom TronPad L10 Tablet has the most recent Android 10.0 OS, 3GB RAM, and the faster 64-bit Octa-Core CPU, enabling smoother videos and improving overall performance. With 32 GB of internal storage, this Pritom Android tablet is more practical for storing documents, music, images, and videos and downloading more games.

Moreover, we can add a 128 GB Expanded Micro TF/SD card. With this 10-inch Tablet, I can easily find additional amusement when using it regularly.

pritom android tablet


A beautiful HD IPS display with a 1280 x 800 is available on the Pritom Tablet PC. As I watch videos or play games, vivid videos, sharp text, and vibrant colors appear, which is worth appreciating.

This Pritom 10-inch Android tablet offers a clear image hierarchy, vibrant colors, and an excellent visual experience. The backlight is optimized for better reading comfort in the Eye Health mode. Prime is now offering discounts on Pritom L10 tablets.


It has a small shape and is lightweight, making it portable and usable in various settings, including a desktop, outdoor location, or kitchen tabletop.


Featuring 5.0 MP Front and 8.0 MP Rear cameras, it’s ideal for shooting pictures, capturing, and sharing those memorable moments with your friends and family.

  • Great performance.
  • Good camera.
  • Best price point.
  • Lags sometimes.
  • Poor battery life.


6. Haehne 7” Tablet – All-Around Entertainment

If you are looking for something which is cheap and can fulfill the need for entertainment or just normal work then $50 is enough. Always go for the IPS display if you don’t want to spend more. This tablet comes with an IPS display for a very affordable price, perfect for everyday entertainment.

Comes with great battery life, good for viewing purpose and for watching movies. Support by Android 9 Pie which gives excellent support from the play store.

Haehne 7” Tablet

Under the hood, it is powered by a Quad-Core 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of RAM to power up your entertainment. While the IPS display makes sure you have an immersive viewing experience.

The 16GB storage can store many games and apps but sometimes this is not enough.  The storage is upgradeable through a micro SD slot that can cater to up to 128GB of memory.

Hardware Specifications of Haehne 7
Processor Quad-Core 1.5 GHz
Storage 16 GB
Display 7-inch 1024×600 Touchscreen IPS display
Camera Rear- 2 MP | Front- 0.3 MP
Operating System Android 9.1
Battery Life Up to 8 hours of battery life
Weight 1.32 lbs

  • Android 9.0.
  • Internal Storage.
  • Average performance.
  • Display is normal.


7. Fusion 5 – Best 10.1 Tablet

If you plan to spend $100, picked something all the more impressive and quality worked to last. Fusion 5 is a 10.1-inch screen adequately large to watch motion pictures and different exercises!

On the off chance that you can venture up to a $50 spending plan and stretch for up to $100, perhaps the most ideal decision is the Fusion 5 table that includes an enormous IPS show, ideal for marathon watching Netflix motion pictures.

Fusion 5

It includes an HDMI port that empowers you to associate it to an outer showcase for a greater view on the off chance that you pick to.

Supported by Quad-Core A35 processor and 1GB of RAM to give you an amazing tablet enough for diversion and ordinary use. While the 16GB stockpiling is upgradable through an external SD card for up to 128GB memory. On the off chance that you need to download movies and web series and store them in SD card and watch whenever you want.

You don’t have to stress over getting a flawed unit since it accompanies a year guarantee and USA administration focuses are accessible.

You can play any applications on this tablet with no trade-off, others would state that this tablet is simply ideal for watching films and messing around.

Hardware Specifications of Fusion 5
Processor Quad-Core A35
Storage 16 GB
Display 10.1″ IPS (1280 x 800)
Camera  Front- 1MP
Operating System Android 8.1 Oreo
Battery Life Up to 5 hour
Weight 1.52 lbs

  • Camera.
  • Battery Backup.


Best Cheap Tablets Under $50 – Buyer’s Guide

  • Screen/Design

We recommend a minimum of a 1024 x 600 resolution and with an IPS display. If you can find a model with 1080 resolution instead, that will offer much better quality when streaming YouTube videos or watching your favorite movies.

Other than comfort, structure/configuration decide the quality, solidness, and life expectancy of a tablet. Besides the fact that most tablets are fundamentally the same in structure and look, it’s important to focus on every feature which may have a tremendous effect during use.

  • Execution

These days, tablets accompany various configuration that offers different presentations. The better execution, the better a tablet will perform. Much the same as PCs and laptops, tablets have their own setup that is continually getting updated, to where tablets can nearly supplant PCs (contingent upon the kind of utilization).

For most users, we recommend a minimum of a quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAM (or more if possible), and 8GB of flash storage for a budget tablet. If you take less than this then obviously performance will decrease.

  • Versatile Connectivity

If you are buying a tablet then make sure about its connectivity, because sometime it may be used as a GPS navigation. Downloading apps to play games in line at the store, streaming online videos on break at work, or reading eBooks in your downtime.

The price matter but you don’t want  table with lower connectivity option. If needed you can increase your budget by at least 20-30 dollars. Don’t forget about the connectivity options either, as we recommend picking a tablet that can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, miniUSB, and at least one other type of connection. Whether that’s microSD, HDMI, or a full-size USB port is up to your individual needs. You can also choose a tablet with a USB port if you need to plug pen drive or an external device.

  • Battery Life

The better the battery life a tablet has, the better movability it offers, alongside different advantages like gaming, video streaming, etc. These days, tablets accompany have various arrangements that offer different working capabilities.

  • Capacity

You’ll need however much stockpiling as could reasonably be expected to store every one of your games, books, motion pictures, and different records.

Capacity for tablets probably won’t appear to be significant, yet it unquestionably is. Considering you’ll take your tablet on a go, anyplace you go, you’ll take photographs, need to download films from Netflix, have music and books prepared, and substantially more.


Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • Do tablets under $50 have longer-lasting batteries?

However, battery life can also depend on how the Tablet is used. Tablets priced under 50 dollars tend to have smaller batteries that may last less than higher-end tablets. In addition, cheaper tablets often use less power-efficient components, which can contribute to shorter battery life.

  • What advantages come with purchasing a tablet for under $50?

They have the same amount of storage and are more portable. For younger children, tablets are more manageable and portable than laptops due to their lesser weight and smaller size.

  • What are the best tablets for students under $50?

Many inexpensive tablets priced under $50 are best for students and can be found offline and online. Some are Amazon Fire 7 12th generation and the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus.

  • How does the performance of tablets under $50 compare to that of more expensive tablets?

It’s crucial to remember that when choosing a cheap budget tablet, especially one that costs less than $50, you shouldn’t have very high expectations for its performance and features. They do well enough to fulfill the bare minimum requirements and are decent. So, one only needs to look at the fundamental specifications of affordable tablets to determine whether they will suffice for their needs.

  • Can I use tablets under $50 for tasks like web browsing and streaming videos?

Cheap tablets are more than enough for most people, but flashy and expensive tablets attract a lot of attention. Almost every Tablet available now is enough for the activities we perform on them most frequently: web browsing, viewing videos, reading e-books, and playing easy games. In this category, tablets like the Amazon Fire 7 and the Samsung Tab A7 Lite stand out.

  • Are tablets under $50 suitable for gaming purposes?

Tablets priced under $50 are generally not designed for gaming purposes and may not be the best option for gaming. While playing some simple games on cheaper tablets is possible, more complex games may run poorly or not be compatible with the device.


Final Words

We hope you like our list of top tablets under 50 dollars. The above list consists of every type of tablet few of them are slightly above the range but you can get that because of its special specifications. Like if you can spend 20 more bucks then you can get a tablet with a 10-inch screen. If you have needed anything other than entertainment or for children then you should go for at least 200 dollars tablet or above ($300 tablet).

If you want a tablet for college or work then you can read our other guide on the best tablet for students or any other professional need(photoshop or drawing).

Ben Scott is a prominent technology journalist and reviewer, specializing in tablet devices. He is known for his comprehensive and unbiased reviews of tablets from various manufacturers.
With a deep understanding of tablet technology, including hardware components, operating systems, and software applications, Scott provides clear and informative reviews accessible to readers of all levels of technical expertise.
His attention to detail and in-depth analysis have earned him a loyal following of readers.

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