Top 7 Best Tablets Under 50 Dollars in 2022 | Buyer’s Guide

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Sometimes it is very difficult to get a $50 tablet that fulfills your need. But you can get a tablet in this range may be some features will not available. Contrary to conventional wisdom, equating quality with big budgets is a flawed idea. You can get all the features you are looking for even in a moderately priced tablet and if you can spend a few more bucks. Getting a little higher budget under $100 can easily give all features.

You presumably need an extraordinary cell phone for utilizing web-based media or getting to your email in a hurry, however, you might not have a huge load of cash to spend.

Can you truly get an advantageous tablet by just burning through $50 or less? The appropriate response is a resonating “yes!” insofar as you figure out how to deal with your assumptions. Android or the Amazon Fire OS will be your lone choices at this value point, as you won’t discover any iOS gadgets at under $50. There is a lot of cheap tablets that you can get at this range and will serve all your needs.

Amazon Fire HD 7-Best Tablets Under 50 Dollars

Here’s the best pick for the best tablet for movies, If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-loaded tablet in just under 50 dollars then this Fire HD 7 Tablet is going be the best android tablet under $50 budget for you.

fire HD 7


The Amazon Fire HD 7 is considered the best tablet for budget users.

Some of its key features are:

  • 7-Inch Android Tablet
  • 1024p HD Display with Eye-Comfort Mode
  • 16/32 GB Internal Space(Expandable up to 512GB) and 1 GB Ram
  • 1.3 GHz quad-core processor
  • Android 9 Pie operating system
  • 2 MP front and rear-facing cameras
  • Battery Backup Up to 7 hours
  • 4.4/5 Rating By Users


The best option in this range is the Fire HD tablet which is branded and durable.

You may wonder to know that these tablets are in the market. There is a lot of expensive tablets available in the market only need to get that.

Here we bring the topmost tablet under 50 dollars for you so you can save a few more bucks rather than spending on the higher range of tablets.

List of Best Tablet Under 50 Dollars:-

Best 7-Inch Tablets – Size
Amazon Fire HD 7 7″
Lamzien 7 7″
Sixgo 7 7″
Haehne 7 7″
RCA Voyager 7 7″
Fusion 5 10.1″
Astro Tab A7 7″

1- Amazon Fire 7 – High Performance

For a new user or if you want to take a tablet for your child so that he can learn something new with the help of pictures or videos. There may be any other tablet in this range that can beat its performance. Loaded with great features and a comfortable design. The best thing is its brand and price, in this range, I bet you can’t get any other tablet than this.

fire hd 7 - Best Tablets Under 50 Dollars

If you want a tablet for reading then this is a great option, its backlight and color combination are great for longer use, and reading de helps to stay screen on for an hour. You can also download an ebook from amazon and read on this. The other amazon application access and subscription make it suitable for all the normal use.

The screen size is 7″ which is very good even for the small kids and pocket-friendly device. Like any either android tablet this can also help to access over the millions of app from the play store. Fire 7’s display and speaker quality aren’t as high end as you’d get with a more expensive tablet.

You can use it for a single person use but volume may be lower when playing in a big hall or like that. Loaded with plenty of extra features to make up for that downside. The storage of this tablet is 8 GB but no worry about this, you can use an SD card to increase its storage and capacity.

This is from Amazon so you can also get a free Amazon Prime subscription for free. With the help o Alexa you can use it for calling and commanding purposes.

In addition you can also choose amazon fire HD 8 or 10 with their respective kids edition.

Hardware Specifications of Amazon Fire HD 7
Processor Quad-Core 1.3 GHz
Storage 8 GB
Display 7-inch 1024×600 Touchscreen IPS display
Camera Rear- 1.3 MP
Operating System Fire OS
Battery Life Up to 8 hours of battery life
Weight 0.65 lbs

  • Light weight
  • Beautiful screen
  • Cheap
  • Body Quality
  • Internal storage


2- Lamzien 7

The 7-inch LAMZIEN tablet with an Android working framework endeavors to outlast assumptions with its capacity to satisfy the best parameters for ideal working. Both will keep up touch with the world carefully with a mix of dynamic quality and speed. The surprising chest of highlights makes the tablet champion among the tablets under $50.

At this range, tablet offers plenty of space to work on your tasks. In the emergency case,, you can even do some office works on it. Consuming less power still works great with its 1.5GHz processor, helps for multitasking and even you watching movies7″ screen which is IPS HD display with clear pictures and millions of color. The high-quality saturated natural images can be viewed from multiple angles.

Lamzien 7 - Best Tablets Under $50

Contrasted with different tablets at a comparative value, the LAMZIEN 7-inch tablet has not thick screen as others. The back covering of the tablet is a scratch-safe material that is great. A lightweight tablet is an amazing choice for incessant explorers, also. It can fit in your satchels without congestion with the packaging of the tablet, protecting it from scratches and marks.

The individuals who travel a ton would be intrigued by the 1GB RAM and 16GB of inward DDR3 stockpiling with a solid processor. They together permit downloads of documents, films, kid’s shows, and books so you can make the most of your number one show or read your favorite book even without a web network.

The LAMZIEN tablet accompanies GMS confirmation and Android 8.1 Oreo working framework.

The front and back camera of the tablet of 0.3 and 2MP catches acceptable pictures and recordings. It makes for a reasonable way to video visit with loved ones. The WIFI and Bluetooth availability open further methods of utilizing the tablet and utilizing its latent capacity. It ends up being incredible for those hoping to find some kind of harmony among work and amusement. And as always you can use the external SD card if you need more space so that you can store movies and a few other shows.

Hardware Specifications of Lamzien 7
Processor Quad-Core 1.3 GHz
Storage 16 GB
Display 7-inch 1024×600 Touchscreen IPS display
Camera Rear- 2 MP | Front- 0.3MP
Operating System Android 8.1
Battery Life Up to 6 hours of battery life
Weight 1.2 lbs

  • Excellent picture quality at the given price
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with screen protector
  • Apps run fast
  • Battery life


3-Sixgo 7

This tablet is intended for youngsters, however, it doesn’t really imply that grown-ups can’t utilize it. The tablet has a good time look and comes in yellow color. The thing which we like about this tablet is that it approaches a wide scope of state-of-the-art and age-suitable device. It isn’t about pointless fooling around. However, it’s instructive also. It permits youngsters to learn various abilities and sharpen their number related aptitudes, perusing, and other imaginative expressions.

It has a quad-center processor which is adequate to handle all the information preparation. The screen goal is HD, which implies that your children will appreciate the best of illustrations and liveliness there is. The tablet additionally has a double camera which empowers the client to take pictures and have video calls.

Sixgo 7 - Best Tablets Under 50 Dollars

The inner stockpiling of the tablet is 8GB which works normally. You can’t download a ton of stuff. The 1GB RAM admissions normal regarding preparing speed. Being a child’s spending tablet, the client can do a lot of things inside it. The memory on the gadget is expandable up to 32 GB which permits you to store and save recordings, music, and photographs.

The brilliant shade of the tablet grabs the eye of children. At the rear of the tablet, there is a wink emoticon which makes it look adorable. The tablet has a good time tint and cool look, which makes certain to work out positively for little youngsters.

The tablet has volume and force bottoms as an afterthought and an earphone jack that permits you to connect earphones while messing around and tuning in to music. It likewise has a Micro USB port and an SD card slot.  The tablet is very thin, which makes it overly versatile. The edges are bent, which gives the tablet a smooth look so children can heft it around with them. Your children can appreciate the best of games and digital books and safe web surfing. Parental control is on, and all the substance which is shown is only for youngsters.

Guardians can likewise set time constraints for youngsters, and they can likewise make various profiles for various children so they can divide the tablet between themselves. The tablet accompanies pre-introduced children’s games and exercises that support their fundamental abilities. The tablet additionally has a decent battery time, which implies your children can appreciate extended periods of time of perpetual fun while you take it easy.

SIXGO tablet while its assembling was considered as children tablet. The tablet is reasonable for a wide range of work, similar to web surfing, perusing, and video web-based. The tablet is additionally an incredible present for youngsters as they’ll unquestionably appreciate the pre-introduced fun applications that SIXGO has to bring to the table.

Hardware Specifications of Sixgo 7
Processor Quad-Core 1.3 GHz
Storage 16 GB
Display 7-inch 1024×600 Touchscreen IPS display
Camera Rear- 2 MP | Front- 0.3MP
Operating System Android 8.1
Battery Life Up to 3 hours of battery life
Weight 10.6 Ounce

  • Parent control tablet
  • User-friendly interface for children
  • Clear touchscreen and dual camera
  • Volume
  • Battery Life


4- Haehne 7” Tablet – All-Around Entertainment

If you are looking for something which is cheap and can fulfill the need for entertainment or just normal work then $50 is enough. Always go for the IPS display if you don’t want to spend more. This tablet comes with an IPS display for a very affordable price, perfect for everyday entertainment.

Comes with great battery life, good for viewing purpose and for watching movies. Support by Android 9 Pie which gives excellent support from the play store.

Haehne 7” Tablet

Under the hood, it is powered by a Quad-Core 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of RAM to power up your entertainment. While the IPS display makes sure you have an immersive viewing experience.

The 16GB storage can store many games and apps but sometimes this is not enough.  The storage is upgradeable through a micro SD slot that can cater to up to 128GB of memory.

Hardware Specifications of Haehne 7
Processor Quad-Core 1.5 GHz
Storage 16 GB
Display 7-inch 1024×600 Touchscreen IPS display
Camera Rear- 2 MP | Front- 0.3 MP
Operating System Android 9.1
Battery Life Up to 8 hours of battery life
Weight 1.32 lbs

  • Android 9.0.
  • Internal Storage.
  • Average performance.
  • Display is normal.


5- Premium RCA Voyager 7 – Unique Design

This device just costs you $50 and very good and it is affordable tablets available in the market. This is basically for the kids so that if they break it no more effect on the pocket. Jokes apart, if you really don’t want to spend more but also want to be in touch with the device so this is a much better option for you.

Gift this to your friends and family as it is cheap and good looking. The tablet’s built-in Bluetooth capability to connect and pair with almost every device. Whether watching a movie, playing a favorite game or surfing the Web, the RCA tablet’s quad-core processor and 16GB flash-storage surely won’t disappoint.

Premium RCA Voyager 7

While less appealing than the Ematic and more drowsy than the Amazon Fire, you can’t beat the cost of the RCA Voyager. In the event, that cost is your primary concern and you simply need a modest tablet for fundamental use, this is a decent beginning pick.

On the off chance that your primary objectives for a tablet are to check your messages and peruse portable well-disposed sites, at that point RCA has you covered with the Voyager.

If you would prefer not to purchase a different SD card, you get a more extra room here for saving PDF records, MOBI eBooks, family photographs, etc.

The Voyager uses an unexpected plan in comparison to different models that could be a genius or a con contingent upon what you are searching for in a tablet.

Then again, a few clients favor the bigger two-gave style. That is especially obvious on the off chance that you are utilizing your tablet as a robot show or attaching it to a security cam.

Hardware Specifications of RCA Voyager 7
Processor 1.2GHz quad-core processor
Storage 16 GB
Display 7″ IPS (1024 x 600,171 PPI)
Camera  Front- 1MP
Operating System Android 6.0
Battery Life Up to 6 hour
Weight 0.61 lbs

  • External keyboard
  • Good- display
  • Low RAM
  • Camera quality


6-Fusion 5 – Best 10.1 Tablet

If you plan to spend $100, picked something all the more impressive and quality worked to last. Fusion 5 is a 10.1-inch screen adequately large to watch motion pictures and different exercises!

On the off chance that you can venture up to a $50 spending plan and stretch for up to $100, perhaps the most ideal decision is the Fusion 5 table that includes an enormous IPS show, ideal for marathon watching Netflix motion pictures.

Fusion 5

It includes an HDMI port that empowers you to associate it to an outer showcase for a greater view on the off chance that you pick to.

Supported by Quad-Core A35 processor and 1GB of RAM to give you an amazing tablet enough for diversion and ordinary use. While the 16GB stockpiling is upgradable through an external SD card for up to 128GB memory. On the off chance that you need to download movies and web series and store them in SD card and watch whenever you want.

You don’t have to stress over getting a flawed unit since it accompanies a year guarantee and USA administration focuses are accessible.

You can play any applications on this tablet with no trade-off, others would state that this tablet is simply ideal for watching films and messing around.

Hardware Specifications of Fusion 5
Processor Quad-Core A35
Storage 16 GB
Display 10.1″ IPS (1280 x 800)
Camera  Front- 1MP
Operating System Android 8.1 Oreo
Battery Life Up to 5 hour
Weight 1.52 lbs

  • Largs Screen.
  • Processor
  • Camera.
  • Battery Backup.


7- Astro Tab A7

Astro’s scope of tablets has just picked up an enormous fanbase across the globe. The tablets are modest and are finished as an incentive for cash contributions from the organization.

Astro Tab A7

Talking about this tablet, it’s a 7-inch multi-reason tablet, which accompanies an HD screen with a goal of 1280×800 pixels and a 178-degree seeing point. In the engine, the tablet is controlled by a 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor combined with 1GB of RAM.

All things considered, it accompanies 8GB of installed stockpiling, which can be additionally extended through a microSD card.

It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow to house all the most recent applications and games from Google’s PlayStore. It accompanies a pair of 2 MP and 0.3 MP auxiliary forward-looking camera for video calls.

The tablet remains controlled up utilizing a 2600mAh Li-Ion battery, which the organization professes to give up to 5-6 hours of continuous amusement on a solitary charge.

Thinking about everything, the tablet is unarguably outstanding amongst other selling highlight stuffed tablets under $50.

Hardware Specifications of Astro Tab 7
Processor 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor
Storage 8 GB
Display 7″ IPS (1280 x 800)
Camera Rear- 2MP | Front- VGA
Operating System Android
Battery Life Up to 5 hour
Weight 0.6 lbs

  • Outdated Android.
  • Internal Storage.
  • Camera.
  • Battery Backup.


Best Cheap Tablets Under $50 – Buyer’s Guide


We recommend a minimum of a 1024 x 600 resolution and with an IPS display. If you can find a model with 1080 resolution instead, that will offer much better quality when streaming YouTube videos or watching your favorite movies.

Other than comfort, structure/configuration decide the quality, solidness, and life expectancy of a tablet. Besides the fact that most tablets are fundamentally the same in structure and look, it’s important to focus on every feature which may have a tremendous effect during use.


These days, tablets accompany various configuration that offers different presentations. The better execution, the better a tablet will perform. Much the same as PCs and laptops, tablets have their own setup that is continually getting updated, to where tablets can nearly supplant PCs (contingent upon the kind of utilization).

For most users, we recommend a minimum of a quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAM (or more if possible), and 8GB of flash storage for a budget tablet. If you take less than this then obviously performance will decrease.

Versatile Connectivity

If you are buying a tablet then make sure about its connectivity, because sometime it may be used as a GPS navigation. Downloading apps to play games in line at the store, streaming online videos on break at work, or reading eBooks in your downtime.

The price matter but you don’t want  table with lower connectivity option. If needed you can increase your budget by at least 20-30 dollars. Don’t forget about the connectivity options either, as we recommend picking a tablet that can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, miniUSB, and at least one other type of connection. Whether that’s microSD, HDMI, or a full-size USB port is up to your individual needs. You can also choose a tablet with a USB port if you need to plug pen drive or an external device.

Battery Life

The better the battery life a tablet has, the better movability it offers, alongside different advantages like gaming, video streaming, etc. These days, tablets accompany have various arrangements that offer different working capabilities.


You’ll need however much stockpiling as could reasonably be expected to store every one of your games, books, motion pictures, and different records.

Capacity for tablets probably won’t appear to be significant, yet it unquestionably is. Considering you’ll take your tablet on a go, anyplace you go, you’ll take photographs, need to download films from Netflix, have music and books prepared, and substantially more.

Last Words

We hope you like our list of top tablets under 50 dollars. The above list consists of every type of tablet few of them are slightly above the range but you can get that because of its special specifications. Like if you can spend 20 more bucks then you can get a tablet with a 10-inch screen. If you have needed anything other than entertainment or for children then you should go for at least 200 dollars tablet or above ($300 tablet).

If you want a tablet for college or work then you can read our other guide on the best tablet for students or any other professional need(photoshop or drawing).

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